10 Questions To Consider For Servant Leadership In Your Call Center, Including a Bonus!

Servant Leadership in Your Call Center

Unfortunately, when people reflect on leading a call center, they don’t often think of servant leadership.  It’s a terrible oversight!  The truth of the matter is that power models of leadership dominate the call center world.  And, those models of people management woefully miss opportunities for cultivating future, servant leaders.

If you are really trying to create a satisfying and rewarding call center culture, there are some distinctive preparations you must employ in order to successfully complete the achievable goal of call center management through servant leadership.

Let’s explore the journey that will utilize servant leadership in leading call center productivity and will serve as a guide to prime you for heightened dimensions of success.

There are a handful of things you should prepare before trying to serve a call center.  However, before serving a call center, you first need to evaluate and make certain that servant leadership is the right fit for you.

You should take the time to ask yourself the following, servant leadership questions:

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  • Do you care about individuals in your call center?
  • Do you care if they reach their individual potential?
  • Do you want each of them to be devoted to their work?
  • Do you focus on sharing power?
  • Do you view power as a plentiful commodity?
  • Do you delegate power?
  • Do you have foresight or vision for future business?
  • Do you know general business concepts well?
  • Do you have an awareness for evaluating competition?
  • Do you have a passion for servant leadership?

If your reply was “yes” to each of these questions, then most likely servant leadership is the perfect match for you!

I’m in a fantastic mood today, so here’s a bonus: 3 Essentials to Effective Servant Leadership.  But first I have a simple request, if you like this content, please take a moment and share it!

Before diving into the essentials of preparing for a servant leadership approach to your call center, focus on some preparation that you should consider before embarking upon this exciting journey.  After all, leading a call center using servant leadership is a journey – a journey of the body, spirit and mind.  It is logical that you prepare for a journey, correct?  So, consider the following preparatory guidelines to get you started:

1 – Anticipating Success

Anticipating success is a component that someone looking to serve a call center should do.  If you are acclimated to anticipating success, servant leadership will follow naturally.  This will be something you already do which is what is ideally needed.  A servant heart starts in your head: anticipate success.

2 – Scheduling Time for Employee Interaction

An integral part of the discipline that is needed to prepare for servant leadership in a call center involves scheduling time for employee interaction.  When you schedule time for employee interaction, it allows you to be in an appropriate mindset for all the conversations that are integral in order to accomplish the goal of effective servant leadership.  Spending time with your employees individually will allow you to show a caring, empathizing, listening, and practicing stewardship by attending to their needs.  Overall, demonstrating a commitment to the growth of your followers by scheduling time for them sets the tone for modeling servant leadership in your call center.

3 – Coaching the Interpretation of Real-Time information Management

One of the biggest oversights that you can make when it comes to preparing a call center for servant leadership is falling short on coaching the interpretation of real-time information management.  If you do not practice coaching the interpretation of real-time information management, it will be next to impossible to succeed.  Real-time management information success is contingent on effective coaching of interpretation.  If you are unsure how to interpret real-time information, then deconstruct how you learned it, construct an effective coaching plan, and coach it as a servant leader!

As you can imagine, leading a call center through servant leadership involves slightly more than just getting up one day to say, “Hey, I want to lead a call center.”  Sure, that is the first step.  However, in order to accomplish any success at any level when it comes to serving a call center, you must prepare and enable yourself to prosper through the preparations.

To your success,

Greg Meares

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