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12 best practices of high selling call centers

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Without a doubt many contact centers are moving to a call center as a profit center.

Most likely your center has changed their model to this or are moving in this direction.  No matter the case, this article falls under the Call Center Best Practices category.

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Call Center GamesCall Center Sales – Best Practices
By Mike Aoki

Want to improve your call center’s sales results? Here are the 12 best practices of high selling call centers

Clearly communicate sales targets:

  • Set expectations: Communicate sales objectives on a daily basis so your Agents know exactly what is expected of them.
  • Provide feedback: Post daily sales results at each Agent’s desk or on-line so they know how they are performing versus expectations.
  • Spot trends: Analyze results per Agent and, per product, to determine trends. Use these trends to coach your team to higher performance.

Train your call center Agents on how to sell:

  • Hold sales skills workshops: Having good customer service skills isn’t enough. They need to attend a call center sales workshop so they can learn how to upsell and right size client accounts.
  • Conduct product knowledge training: During team meetings, have each call center Agent take turns doing a five minute presentation on the key selling benefits of a product.
  • Distribute current competitive information: Train your Agents on how your products and services compare to your competitors. Provide them with solid answers they can use when a client says, “But your competitor offers…”

Provide a “big picture” perspective for your Agents:

  • Key Business Indicators: Ensure your Agents understand how their performance impacts your department, your company and its customers.

Motivate your call center Agents:

  • Rewards and recognition: Give out out prizes for “Most Improved Performer” or “Top Ten Salespeople.” The rewards can be food, movie passes or company branded items like mugs or caps.
  • Motivational ideas: Use one idea per week from an employee motivation book like “1,001 Ways to Reward Employees” by Bob Nelson and Ken Blanchard to encourage your team.
  • Post a “Wall of Fame”: Show photos of the top sales Agent for each product. Beneath each photo, have that Agent share their best sales tips on how to sell that particular product.

Constantly reinforce your team’s sales performance:

  • Share best practices: Discuss sales tips at every team meeting, shift huddle and one-on-one coaching session.
  • Send out a “Sales Tip of the Day” to your Agents: Ask your top-selling Agents to write the tips so they get public recognition.

Use these 12 tips to improve your call center’s up-selling and rightsizing performance. Ensure your Agents understand how their performance impacts your department, your company and its customers.

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