3 Actions For Call Center Supervisors To Take To Improve Your Sales Results Today

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To improve your sales results in your call center, employ the 3 actions listed in this column: posting stack rankings, giving agents’ raises and specific training. These actions are not an exhaustive list, but they can make the most difference with the least effort.  Go for it!  Taking smart, targeted action with prudent, concurrent correction as you grow your business will give you the increased sales results you are seeking.

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Make your call center agents’ sales results obvious to all.  Sales are down when call centers foster uninspiring environments.  Clearly, call centers survive based on their abilities to sell products and services.  Eliminating incentives to sell is counterproductive, to say the least!  Therefore, post your stack rankings so that all of your agents know where they stand on a daily basis. What’s more motivating at 8 am than for an agent to look up and see his name at the bottom the list?  Post your stack rankings today!


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Have you lost your every-lovin’-mind, Greg?  Maybe.  Keep reading…….

Incentivize your call center agents by sweetening the rewards they will receive for improved sales results.  It can be as simple as using a token reward program on a daily or weekly basis to ensure sustained motivation.  Make it fun and worthwhile.  Develop creative token rewards.  If the tokens are lame, the “rewards” won’t work for very long.  So, keep ‘em coming!  And, don’t stop there.

It’s your job as the call center supervisor to control costs and make a profit.  With those thoughts in mind, become creative at finding ways to inspire greater sales numbers.

How do you do it, Greg?

Seriously, reward more sales with higher commissions.  After all, isn’t that why we’re in business in the first place?  To make money!  However, make sure you find a balance so that you don’t overspend your budget.  As long as your margins are there, you can ensure your risk by only giving commission raises.  Basically, if your agents sell more, they earn more. Since there’s “no free lunch,” give them every reason to give themselves a raise today!


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Make sure that your managers aren’t just training the information from the call center training manual.  How dry and boring can that be?  When you are flown into a mandatory, weekend call center conference in Nowhere, USA, you hope that there is some useful information to be imparted by a call center trainer who has an engaging style.
Nothing is more of a waste of time to your sales team than an antiquated sales manual taught by a tired, downbeat trainer.

Determine who your highest-energy call center manager is, especially if that manager has the best sales results.  Add “floor trainer” to his or her responsibilities.

“But, Greg, that person is already too busy,” or “that person is not a detail person.”

That’s okay. Work with whom you have.  Nevertheless, identify the most charismatic manager you have.  If you have difficulty determining who might become the best trainer, have a contest!  Use a reward program on your managers.  Whoever wins will be richly rewarded and will be given more: more responsibility, which leads to more sales, which leads to more commissions.

Once you have identified the best call center manager to do the floor training, assist that manager by developing a specific, tailor-made, training program.  One of the intrinsic rewards for that manager is getting to spend time with you!  You might be chuckling to yourself, but you must be judicious about how to use your time.  And, you want to spend your time with the best talent and resources you have, don’t you?  Also, it sends a message to everyone that you insist on excellence.  You only have 24-hour days; you must make the most of them.  Therefore, being specific in training your floor manager on how to coach sales scripts and to listen to calls for proper usage of sales techniques and customer service is the key to reaching and sustaining improved sales results.


As a call center supervisor, you know that making improvement in your call center begins with you.  If you don’t have your game-face on when you step onto your call center floor, turn right back around and get back into your vehicle.  Drive around the parking lot if you must, but whatever you do, don’t enter your call center until you are ready to insist on excellence from yourself.  It is only right to expect no less from yourself than from your managers and sales agents.

So, call center supervisors, if you haven’t already begun, take action on these 3 actions to improve your sales results today!

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To your success,

Greg Meares

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