3 Solutions to Your “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” Problem in Your Call Center

Call Center Satisfaction

Last month marked the 50th anniversary of the No. 1 hit by the Rolling Stones, “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction!”

Is “Satisfaction” the theme song of your customers? What are you doing to support customer satisfaction in your call center?

In order to remain viable in the marketplace, all call center supervisors must review their tactics, procedures and overall strategy to maintain and grow their businesses. If they don’t, customer satisfaction is sure to become a problem. You know, the surveys will reflect it.

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

You would be surprised how many supervisors try to cut themselves to profitability when it comes to compromising the customer experience to save a few bucks on the front end while hemorrhaging on the back end. It is a misdirected solution to the satisfaction problem.

Nonsensical, it is.

There are an infinite number of ways to improve the customer experience for your customers. Find ways to make positive changes without creating additional burdens on your time and budget.

Consider these 3 solutions:?




If you don’t know what an app is, learn. Humbly take your sharpest Millennial aside and ask him or her to tell you how using apps might help your customer experiences. Remember, you are evaluating this process from the customer’s point of view, which is a stance you ought to consider daily. If your target market of customers uses apps daily for mobile computing, then transitioning your business to their mode of operation makes sense, doesn’t it? Meet your customers where they are; don’t make them come to find you. Take heart, there are apps of all sorts for call center needs: cloud-based platforms, call tracking, and speech analytics, just to name a few. If you haven’t already, immerse yourself in these technologies over a cup of coffee when you get a chance to take a breath. Stay current.



Recruiting is the key to hiring the right employees for your call center. It can’t be stated more clearly or emphatically enough. Hiring the right agents or not will make or break your business. It’s that simple. How do you determine who’s right and who’s wrong for your center? Knowledge, skills and talent are determinants in making your hiring decisions about agents and managers. But, if you find a person who passes that test but has a pessimistic attitude, are you better off showing that negative candidate the door? Resoundingly, “Yes!” If you have been running call centers for any time at all, you know that there’s more to hiring the right agents and managers than checking the boxes. Incorporate all of your senses, especially your good, gut sense.



You read it right. Playing call center games provides many benefits. They keep agents engaged. They provide a healthy, fun work environment that encourages competition. Games also help teams develop character, trust, interpersonal skills and much, much more. Much of this development occurs without their realization. Why? Because they are focused on playing the games.

Here's a great solution that creates consistent goal achievement:  Call Center Games


Supporting customer satisfaction in creative ways in essential to your success. It’s an easy sell, isn’t it? Creative supervisors that succeed are ones that incorporate tactics that are subtle, but necessary in order to support the overall growth of the center, one agent and manager at a time. By providing cultures that embrace change with timely responses, supervisors are able to do more with less because they have won-over the will of their employees. So, when your employees are satisfied, they will demonstrate their loyalty to you through the quality of their work. Your customers will be satisfied and, you’ll finally get some “Satisfaction,” too.

To Your Success,

Greg Meares

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About the Author: Greg Meares

As a Sr. Consultant for Performance Connections, Inc., Greg's primary objective is to provide value to organizations that are focused on raising brand awareness. Additionally Greg works on improving the customer experience, through business process re-engineering, and call center best practices. Greg is an industry expert and is often called upon to provide his analysis and solution oriented approach to improving performance in the BPO and Call Center industry.

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