3 Tactics That Improve Call Center Inbound Sales

Call Center Inbound Sales

When call center supervisors contemplate how to improve call center inbound sales, they are wise to carefully consider the tactics to be used. Offering state­-of-­the-­art sales training to outperform the competition is typically the first idea considered because marginal to inadequate sales training seems to dominate the market. The indisputable reality is that inbound sales numbers can always improve. So, if you are a call or contact center supervisor and are looking to improve inbound sales, there are a few steps to plan before taking action Commit to improve call center inbound sales by creating a successful process incrementally. However, before you begin the process, you must determine and verify that increasing the number of deals coming into the contact center is an appropriate direction at this time.

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“What do you mean, Greg? Of course, I want to increase the number of deals!”


Before increasing the number of inbound deals, it is beneficial to determine your day­-to-day sales management priorities to see if they are aligned with being able to handle the onset of increased sales success. Analyzing your agents’ performances by comparing them to your expectations and comparing your expectations to your sales goals are critical. Consider the following questions: [bullet_block large_icon=”77.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]

  • Are your agents self starters?
  • Do your call center agents like to sell?
  • Do your call center agents want higher commissions?

[/bullet_block] Did you answer “yes” to these questions? Undoubtedly, you are serious about improving your call center inbound sales. Congratulations for committing to take the plunge toward achieving your call center sales goals. Listed below are 3 tactics that all contact center supervisors everywhere should consider.  After all, improving call center inbound sales is a process. It’s a journey. [feature_box style=”17″ title=”Managing%20Expectations” alignment=”center”] The biggest mistake that a call center supervisor could bring about when working to improving call center inbound sales is falling­ short mentally during this critical step of managing expectations of the team. If you do not consciously manage the expectations of your agents and your superiors, it is improbable to succeed. This improbability is how dependent your accomplishment is on managing expectations. Managing expectations requires a total commitment by you the supervisor to communicate clear expectations of the team in easy­ to­ understand soundbites. Simplifying this step in the process is crucial because accuracy is essential to improving inbound sales. To sum it up, use clear communication to direct the essential sales activities of your agents. [/feature_box] [feature_box style=”17″ title=”Sales%20Training” alignment=”center”] Sales training is a vital factor of the equation, of course. After all, it’s sales! Contact center supervisors like you are trying to offer sales training. Some supervisors hardly do it, while many offer some training. Few supervisors offer effective inbound sales training.  The key is develop and maintain the highest standard of effective sales training possible.  It is quite simple really. Do you want to know the secret? Build your sales training out of your existing success by deconstructing that success through performance monitoring. [/feature_box] [feature_box style=”17″ title=”Performance%20Monitoring” alignment=”center”] An important segment of the process that is essential to succeeding by improving call center inbound sales involves performance monitoring. When you closely monitor the performances of your best sales agents, it teaches you to identify what works in actual, inbound sales. Identifying the patterns of successful sales behavior in your top sales agents is a key component to improving call center inbound sales. “Huh?” you ask. There are patterns of success in your current, inbound sales force. Study what works; identify the patterns of success. Your best agents are providing the clues. Determine attitudes and behaviors that are common among your best performers. Then, interview them, asking each agent why he or she says and does what they say and do. The information is readily available. Use that information to create a priceless sales training program. Just take the time to learn what your best and brightest agents are doing. Before long, a higher percentage of the number of deals coming into the contact center will increase. [/feature_box]

Metaphorically, improving call center inbound sales entails somewhat more than waking up one day to say, “Wow, I need to improve my call center inbound sales.” Sure, that is a starting step. Though to gain any success with improving your call center inbound sales, you should first succeed mentally by making a conscious decision and commitment to managing expectations, sales training, and monitoring performance.

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Greg Meares

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