5 Secrets to Getting Great Results From Your Team

5 Secrets to Getting Great Results From Your Team
By Melinda G Charlesworth
Most people start a business doing something they are passionate about.

This is a great start because, as anyone in business will tell you, you have to love what you are doing to be able to put in the energy and commitment needed to be successful.
If you are lucky enough, you grow your fledgling business to a point where you can no longer go it alone and you need a team to work with you.

This is where you encounter a whole new set of issues that you haven’t had to deal with before – that of managing and motivating your team.

Here are five important secrets that will help you to create a fantastic team.

1 – Have a clear vision

If you want your team to be as passionate about your business as you are, you need them to ‘share your vision’. They can’t do that if you can’t articulate it.

Take the time to create your own company vision and values so you can communicate them to your team. Once they align themselves with your vision they will be far more motivated and passionate about your success.

2 – Set clear goals and objectives

Oops! Failed mind-reading again! Your team can’t be expected to know exactly what you want and when you want it without some direction. The clearer your goals and objectives, the more self-sufficient they will become.

This gives you more time to work ‘on the business’ instead of working ‘in the business’ supervising your team.

3 – It’s the little things that count

It may have only been a little thing they did wrong, but if you don’t mention it you may find that a little thing becomes a big issue that is really hard to address.

If you address issues with your team, as they happen, in a direct but positive manner you reduce the risk of small performance issues becoming big issues that may require serious performance management.

4 – Notice the things you want to see

Show your team, through your words and actions the types of behaviours you want to see. They will look to you for clues as to what sort of behaviour is acceptable so make sure you are modelling the right behaviours.

Also, when your team do things the way you want, make sure you notice and tell them they’ve done a great job. That way you’ll get more of the good behaviour and less of any troubling behaviours.

5 – Celebrate your success

It may sound like a cliché but it is really important to celebrate your success. This sends a clear message to your team that great performance will be rewarded and good results are encouraged.

Without this, they may start to wonder what it’s all for. Don’t forget, you are motivated by your passion for your dream; you need to guide your team to become just as passionate about your dream as you are.

Melinda Charlesworth is the Author of “How Are You Managing? – Getting the best out of your team through effective leadership”. She can show you how to manage your team to get great results! For more information go to http://www.howareyoumanaging.com.au

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