5 Steps to Developing a Highly Motivated Call Center

Motivated Call Center

Motivating your call center agents and managers to carry out their respective duties requires innovative thinking and creativity. It is more than a job; it’s an adventure, right? It sure is, in the call center business. Lol

Seriously, motivating call center staffs to work from their hearts is the challenge that every supervisor ought to strive to instill. It starts with you, the supervisor, and it filters to the front lines.

You must be motivated to be your best. Insisting on any less from yourself while insisting more from your subordinates is a recipe for disaster. So, be your best and learn the rest!

Here’s what it takes to develop a framework for a highly motivated call center:


Excellent Supervisory Leadership Skills

Motivating a call center staff well takes a special kind of leader. A great leader knows how to balance being relationship-oriented and task-oriented. S/he works diligently to develop trust by building open channels of communication with managers, agents and customers. Possessing fine communication skills makes a great supervisor, but that’s not all. S/he is wise to approach call center management with vision for the big picture and an eye on growth microscopically. Most supervisors know the ins-and-outs of running call centers because they have done most of the jobs required in call centers. So, there are no surprises. But, there are leadership intangibles that go beyond the job description of a superior supervisor. Those intangibles include the ability to make people feel comfortable, assured and confident. As long as a supervisor remembers what it took him/her to become a supervisor, s/he will have an air of humility that will be relatable to his/her staff.

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Adequate Tools & Equipment

As with any job, in order to motivate action, one must have the appropriate tools. Call center functioning is no different. In order to expect the very best from your agents, you must give them the tools and equipment they need to compete and win for you. It is a sign of respect to them that you keep them sharp with the latest technology. And, it’s not enough just to supply the hardware. Make sure that it is adequately maintained. There’s nothing more frustrating for loyal agents than trying to hit numbers for you with equipment that is unreliable and dies at the most inopportune times. After all, they can’t work for you if their phones don’t work. A real complement to their loyalty is paying close attention to the maintenance of their tools and equipment.


Superior Work Environment

Again, if you have the budget, ensure that your work environment is second-to-none. Along with the best tools and equipment, provide great furniture. You want your agents to be reasonably comfortable. Get them ergonomically square, so they can put in the hours you need them to invest. If they are sitting in bad chairs, they will develop bad backs. Bad backs mean trained agents miss calls. Handle times increase. Avoid the back pain and invest in proper seating. A superior work environment is more than furniture, though. All the best workspaces don’t compare to the energy that each person takes to the center. Create an environment that is energized by optimism. Few places in the world are better than a buzzing workplace. Your employees are the life-blood of your business. Keep them hopping because they are happy, not because they are scared. (Though, I admit, a healthy fear among agents can be useful. 😉



Providing benefits for call center agents and managers can be a huge motivator. On the street, the talent knows what you have to offer. Put the word out that you do more than you competitors and your call center is the destination for the best talent. And, to prove it, you provide a benefits package that exceeds your fiercest competitor. Offering financial aid for agents or managers who want to go to school or offering a day care service for your staff’s children are benefits that could be very helpful to them, you and your bottom line.


Relevant Incentives

Set the pace; be motivated to provide creative, relevant incentives. For example, sending “Thank You” cards or giving token prizes are nice. But, if you want to have the best performances, provide the best incentives. Give financial bonuses. Establish a “wall of fame” for performances hitting designated KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Do something that demonstrates you are serious about incentivizing them to do their best work. Make it easy on yourself and incentivize their performance based upon what expected of your performance. It really goes without saying that incentives ought to be aligned so that everyone is working toward accomplishing the same goals and objectives for the center.

With excellent supervisory leadership skills, adequate tool and equipment, superior work environment, benefits and relevant incentives are five steps you can take to provide a structure for a motivated call center. Take action today! Do what you can and set the pace for the rest. Just start.

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