A Lesson in Core Values

A Lesson in Core Values
By Joseph R. Byrd

While at a client’s company-wide meeting, I realized why they were such a good fit for me. While I was waiting for my turn to introduce the wellness program we had just started, there was some significant evidence to support the fact that they were acting in line with their vision and core values.


Clearly we were already working together, but they hadn’t always had a wellness program in place. They had been trying to start wellness initiatives for a while before I started working with them. They had some problems getting things started, but knew they had the right idea. Once they came across my services, it was natural for them to start investing more into this strategy.

It’s not the fact they are investing in their employee health, it is why they are investing. During the meeting, they reviewed their core values. They wanted to make sure each employee knew how important the values were, what they meant for them to accomplish and where they came from.

These core values are important, not just because they good words, but because they were developed by the company and its employees. When hearing these core values, for me it was more than just a list of things they would “like to be”. It felt more like an identity that the company wanted to uphold. It is about who they are.

I liked the core values. They sounded like important things for a business to focus on. When I found out where the core values came from they sounded even better. And when I heard them define what each of the core values meant to them at all levels of the company, I realized that this was a perfect client for me.

What the core values are:
Customer Service

Where they came from:
They talked to each employee and got feedback on the most important aspects of their positions. They did research with clients, competitors and of course internally to find out more about what they could do to be a better company.

When all was said and done, the employees and managers kept bringing words like integrity, teamwork and customer service. These words continued to enter the conversation no matter where they started.

What the core values mean to the company:
Naturally these became the core values of the company. But they didn’t stop there. They paid close attention to how often each word came into play and how important employees felt each one was. Finally, they were able to put them in order of priority. That is the order that was chosen from the feedback of the CEO down to the newest employee.

How I know that this is a perfect company for me to be working with:
I’ve talked about the importance of a vision. I’ve talked about how truly successful people stay true to their visions. In business, in health and in all other areas of life, you have to have a vision and take action steps that are in line with that vision in order to realize it. This company gets that.

Let’s look at teamwork as an example. Their definition of teamwork is as follows:
“All of us supporting one another to ensure success of the company by taking care of the team that takes care of the customer.”

When their CEO elaborated on this for the newer employees, he explained:
“When we take care of ourselves and each other, we take better care of the customer.”
For that reason, wellness is the perfect fit for their company. They are perfect fit for wellness. There program is off to a great start and I have no doubt that it will continue that way. Looking at their core values, it is clear that they hold their employees to higher standard while also holding the support of their employees to that same standard.

Think about the rest of the core values and their meanings:

Integrity: “Doing what you say you are going to do, by strictly adhering to the code in which you agreed to.”

Customer Service: “Taking the best possible care of your customers”

Clearly this company is focused on the important aspects of business. Representing yourself as honestly as possible while making sure that your team is supported in order to give the customer what they need. It is also important to note the order in which these priorities are listed.

1. Code
2. Team
3. Customer

They realize that without the vision and without the team having the sound structure, there are no customers to take care of.

Code Team and Customer are very similar to my Vision, Goals and Motivation model. Think about it:
The code is the vision of the company. The goals are the actions that need to take place in order for that vision to be realized. The motivation is why they are doing it. It is why the actions are being taken to realize the vision in the first place.

In my Vision, Goals and Motivation model, I make the comparison between a CEO and the average employee. If the average employee has these three things clearly mapped out, they are going to be successful in everything they do. If they do not, they will struggle.

The company is no different. With a clear vision, goals and motivation any company will do well. What my client did was bring this into focus for each individual. They are helping each employee understand the importance of their core values and making them the key.

“When we take care of ourselves and each other, we take better care of the customer.” This statement says a great deal. They are showing each employee that they are the key to the success of the company.
Without each and every one of you doing your best, we are not able to serve our customers. It is no wonder that they are a on the list of top employers to work for (voted by employees) and it is interesting how they are also growing and seeing more and more success as a company.

That is the focus of wellness in the corporate environment- At least the successful wellness programs. When we support employees and reinforce a clear vision, great things happen. Successful employees equal a successful company. I am lucky and get to work with companies that do this every day. What are your company’s core values?

Business Health Expert Joe Byrd uses his passion and expertise to bring business and health together. He integrates health education in lifestyle topics such as Stress Management, Weight Management, and Smoking Cessation into businesses in order to accomplish the following:

Improving Employee Health
Decreasing Health Care Spending
Increasing Your Employee Productivity
Improving Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Joe applies his craft in the business world by making health part of business strategy. As he helps companies invest in their employees, together they create healthy and successful cultures.

Web: http://www.ByrdWellnessconcepts.com
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @josephrbyrd
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ByrdWellnessConcepts
Toll Free: 866.851.7961


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