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Overview - Call Center Best Practices

Call Center Best Practices Is All About Providing valuable and actionable Call Center information, easily accessible when you need it.

Performance Connections, Inc is the parent company of CallCenterBestPractices.com.

The primary focus of  Performance Connections Inc, has been with Call Center/Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing performance and efficiency consulting.  

As a result, we started seeing Call Center Best Practice trends and began to document what was working.  We wanted a way to capture those and offer them to call center leaders and those that are interested in becoming one.

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Greg Meares and Call Center Best Practices

Welcome To Call Center Best Practices...

I'm Greg Meares The Managing Director.

Let me know if you have any questions...

Our Objective For You...

Essentially many of our members utilize the CallCenterBestPractices.com Pro Membership portal to provide quick answers, ideas and strategies to everyday issues that may be encountered while trying to drive and create consistent goal achievement in your call center or back office operation

The depth of our information is extensive and covers a multitude of different yet critical informational categories.

1000's of Articles and Over 36 Different Categories!

The value of the Call Center Best Practices Memberships is substantial. This Content is the smart choice for any Call Center Professional.

Value Added Resources...

  • 1300+ Articles Designed To Provide You Tips and Tactics To Improve Your Team or Call Center's Performance
  • Broken Down In 36 Different Categories
  • SMART Goals Online Form To Quickly Provide Goals and Objectives To Your Agents, So Focused Is Placed on Results
  • Cost of Goods Modeling
  • Inbound Project Modeling
  • Outbound Project Modeling
  • Monthly Call Center Performance Focused Webinars
  • Monthly Call Center Performance Focused Webinars
  • Weekly Tips and Tactics Video Focused on Tools and Resources For Your Team Leads, Supervisors and Managers
  • Take the $1 trial offer to the Pro Membership today.  This allows you full access to all of the information tools and resources.  If you decide you decide to cancel, our process is very simple.  100% guarantee.

Here's What Other Call Center Professionals Are Saying...

Here are just a few unsolicited testimonials receives from member of the Pro Membership.

Joseph Guider

Sr. Consultant

Whenever I am on a Client engagement that requires me to look at Call Center performance or technology I always log in to Call Center Best Practices and utilize this portal for ideas, and processes that I know will help improve results for my clients.  

As a call center professional, I have a lot going on.  But one of my major goals and something I strive for is continued education and leadership development within my teams.  I use Call Center Best Practices on a daily bases, to find solutions to help motivate and drive performance.  If you are serious about your career this is a must have tool to have in your toolbox.  Not to mention the time it saves you!

Fran Harding

Site Director

Patrick Shaw

Operation Manager

One thing I have learned while conducting client visits is that many organizations do not do a good job with Call Center performance management.  A Colleague recommended that I try Call Center Best Practices to help find solutions to the issues that were identified. U highly recommend this call center membership site.

The Risk Is On Us...


Our Call Center Membership program is designed to add value and assist you in delivering outstanding performance.  We do not want your money if you feel that this portal does not help.    That is why we offer a 100% no questions ask, 30-day Money Back Guarantee.  All you have to do is send us a note and request cancellation.  Your account will be cancelled and if you have been billed within the 30 days we will refund that amount.  Your Satisfaction is paramount to our team!

Here's Your Opportunity To Take a Test Drive With Your Call Center Best Practices Pro Membership!

Here's Your Opportunity to take the Call Center Best Practices Pro Membership for a test drive!

 Check Out Other Call Center Best Practices Performance Tools...

Below there are three tools that have received tremendous feedback by customers on how useful they are at driving performance.  Check out our Call Center Leadership Development, Call Center Performance Management and Our Best Seller, Call Center Games.

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