Achieve Excellence in Call Center Processes and Overcome the Challenges

Achieve Excellence in Call Center Processes and Overcome the Challenges

By Ella Greens

Like any other business, call center outsourcing management go through unique obstacles. Only adept and thoughtful management can apply a unique approach to handle them. Generally they are of three types:


1) Micro Call Centers: 15 or less workers.

2) Small Call Centers: 50 or less representatives.

3) Macro Call Centers: Large set up of functions and employees.

Different BPO have different challenges while outsourcing BPO process for their clients. The clients also tend to forget that working procedures and operations are different. Usually the challenges faced by these centers are based on the following areas:

A) Knowledge Process

B) Roles and Responsibilities

C) Accuracy

D) Efficiency

E) Escalation

Smart Solutions for Dealing with Challenges:

Micro and Small Call Centers

As small centers have small set up they lack industry exposure and domain expertise. An ideal small center would work a lot and research extensively to gain an edge. They have to determine their service levels and drivers of growth. They need to streamline their process in line with the goals and objectives of the establishment.

The workers of these centers are suppose to be versatile wherein a Outsourced Call Center supervisor could be seen handling the profile of BPO analyst or scheduler. Management of these small centers should take care of the fact that the responsibilities should be allocated in sensible way because they would do the work, you want them to do but harnessing their talent and skills to complement with the cost and time you have invested them with, is up to you.

Large Call Centers:

With a large number of calls, set -up and representatives to boast of, large BPOs have large targets to chase. They have their set of miseries, emergencies and mismanagement. One thing, the management of big center keep in mind is to be realistic with the performance and targets. You cannot hit bull’s eye in each process or touch new horizons of sales levels. This does not mean to de-motivate the team but to increase the tolerance level for variance across the escalation levels.

Plan and review your completed and unfulfilled goals. Track the performance and determine the strength of team on individual basis. This will help to increase the consistency throughout the work levels and boost the performance benchmarks.

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