Actively Engaging the Disengaged

Actively Engaging the Disengaged

By Santhanaram Jayaram
Task and relationships are two major ingredients that take place in any form of interaction. The sooner organizations can realize that if they want to focus on getting things done according to importance and urgent, they would have to look into qualities of experience from the relations of the employees.
Organization do have an interest, to make their shareholders happy. The mission of most organizations would be to increase their sales turnovers, to reduce their overheads and make great profit.

What we focus on will expand. If we keep focusing on getting employees engaged in their task,have we overlooked some areas? Do we spend time in a relationship to better understand our employees? What makes them engaged at work? There is a greater driving force that allows more work to be done with greater efficiency and effectiveness by just connecting with them on a deeper level.

Some quick pointers to think about on the subject of employee engagement.

Are we investing time understanding our direct contacts such as supervisors, subordinates and any other internal customers?

Are we taking an active role understanding the talents, style and skills our employees posses?

What are the company values, our values and others values?

What engages them at work?

What disengages them?

When was the last time you invested in better understanding their values and expectations?

Do we focus more on the task and forget about the relationship?

Are we using technology such as text messages, emails and letters that we lack the human touch?

The key to a successful employee-employer relationship is not only be clear of the task and communicating it but taking the time to understand others.Why do I say this? Allow me to share with you an experience encountered by a friend. He engaged a few staff to work for him to complete a project. Initially they were very extremely committed and enthusiastic. However, in the heart of the project he faced so much of excuses raised by the employees and witness a reduction in productivity that resulted in the delay of the project. Fortunately my friend believes strongly in empathy. Being a people-oriented person, he invested the time understanding their concerns, values and aspirations. Just by that experience, working on those interactions and relationship, he was able to secure an extremely committed and happy team and many projects and contracts.

I would like to strongly urge you on to look into this matter. Are we spending enough time in better understanding our employee?

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