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An Employee Perspective On Company Team Building

An Employee Perspective On Company Team Building
By Vanessa Urban
Many of us are no strangers to company team building sessions. Our bosses have us pile into a room, where we are confined for hours on end and subjected to a litany of exercises, tests, and sharing with co-workers we barely know.

This situation is uncomfortable enough to make us want to call in sick the next time team building training is scheduled. Unfortunate, since companies spend thousands of dollars on these developmental efforts.
If our bosses only asked for our input, we would be happy to provide it. We would tell them that getting out of the office is something we prefer.
While the higher ups may find joy in a social experiment that keeps us bound to our cubicles for ten hours a day, we do not. We would much rather be offsite, learning more about each other by engaging in fun team building activities like scavenger hunts.
Many of us are addicted to reality television and want to be the next participants on Survivor or The Amazing Race, so let us do this through corporate team activities.
Where would we head if given the chance, you ask? Well, how about out of the country? Yes, we know that the corporate budget is small but a short trip to Canada will only put a small dent in it.
We can head to Whistler in British Columbia and do some skiing and snowmobiling. Dog sledding is something many of us have never tried so we would jump at the chance.
Our bosses may wonder how activities like this help us develop as work teams. Well, we can learn more about each other on a relaxing cross-country ski than we would when crammed into a conference room.
By working together, we can get those dogs leading the sled heading in the right direction. We may even have a few laughs in the process… imagine that.
Team building is something that takes place when we may not even realize it. For example, it requires group effort to steer a canoe or raft in the right direction.
Activities like this expose us to new natural environments where everyone is on the same playing field. In fact, we may feel more comfortable bonding with our bosses and might even make some suggestions on how to improve operations.
After a week, or even a few days, on an adventure like this, we will feel more comfortable with each other. We may even come to see our team members as friends, not just co-workers. The simple act of getting us out of the office serves to refresh us. We might even cancel those vacation days or our plan to call in “sick” due to fatigue.
This is just some of what we would say if asked our thoughts on company team building. Rather than assuming the responses will only be negative, go ahead and solicit our input.
That way, the company can save time and money and all of us will benefit from the process. It is quite a simple and easy solution, we think.
Company team building exercises can be fun, but sometimes are bosses are sticking by the same old tired methods. If you want your boss to learn about new and exciting company team building exercises, tell them to visit today!

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