Applying Quality Assurance to Our Lives

By Kamyar Shah

Quality assurance has been defined as a process that allows a person to take meaningful and deliberate steps to attain a specific target or ambition. Many companies use quality assurance employees or companies in order that they know at all times that their company has the highest standards for products and employees.

A big question that a lot of people might have is, if quality assurance helps so many companies and is so effective in creating successful businesses, why do individuals not take these same tactics and apply them in their everyday lives?

[hidepost=1]It is a great question, and one that should be asked by anyone seriously wanting to improve their life and relationships. If people were as careful with the choices they make in their own lives, whether big or small, as they were picky about the people who work under them or the type of image they put across at work, they would see huge improvements in their lives.

Take the above mentioned definition of quality assurance , for instance. It is a process. So many people think they have to do things right the first time, and if they do not, they give up. While trying your hardest and trying to get it right the first time is a good idea and shows strength and focus, you have to realize also that you are human, and mistakes happen constantly. If you do not succeed the first time, or even the second, all you can do is try again. If it is important enough to you, you will try until you get it right, it is that simple.

Not only is it a process, but it is a process of meaningful and deliberate steps. These steps are very small many times, so small that you might not even see them. If you have problems in your life, or a theoretical mountain you have to climb, it may seem initially impossible, and you might feel like giving up before you begin. But every step, even if it is tiny, gets you a little closer to where you want and need to be. The steps are meaningful because they are personal to you. Only you can decide what each step you take will be, and therefore mean to you. The steps are deliberate because you decide to take them, you choose to take them. It is a choice, not something you fall into by accident, or let happen to you. When you realize that you truly have this control, and that you can make big things happen by controlling smaller seemingly unimportant things, you will gain load of self confidence and a great feeling of empowerment that is priceless in getting you to your goal.

And this is the last part of the definition of quality assurance , your goal, or target. It is also somehow the first part of the process as well, in that you have to know what your target is before you can even think about beginning to aim for it. Possibly you have decided on a target already, or maybe you do not even know what you want. Whatever the case, you have to know what it is you want, what is your ambition, before you can begin the long path to excellence in both your life and your personal relationships. And once you know, remember to always keep it in your sights.

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