Athletes Train, Why Don’t You? Rethink Your Training

Athletes Train, Why Don’t You? Rethink Your Training

By Rafferty Pendery

Imagine a pro football quarterback who only trains and/or practices once a year. He comes in, reads a manual that he is supposed to sign off on indicating that he understands it (while he drinks his Starbucks). He then goes and gets his $30 Million dollar deal and away he goes. It’s kind of hard to imagine and yet that is the state of training for many companies we have talked with.

The Investigation
Having been very involved and interested in training for a number of years, I have learned a lot about how companies handle training their staff.

I have asked many different company owners and executives about their training, ranging from small startups to much larger corporations and the answers are as varied as the companies.


“We do have a manual that our staff read and sign off on when they start with us.”

“We have a quarterly 30 hour in person training review course”

“When we have more time, we will do more training.”

It has been eye opening. Companies that were huge were just as disorganized as some of the startups we talked with when it came to training. Sure, they had a Training Director, but that guy didn’t have a cohesive plan of what training he has run staff through and what he was going to be training them on. It was almost looked at as a “let’s do the bare minimum”.

Alright, I’m sure by now you get the point, it is surprising. But, there were some very interesting lessons learned as well.

The Difference Between the Successful and…
The most successful out of the bunch I have talked with had structured training. When you’re a small startup, it doesn’t have to be 50 training manuals and 2 week workshops, the training does need to suit the size of the operation, but you can have training.

Staff really like being trained. It gives them more confidence in themselves and the company they work, yours.

Back to the Athletes
The training athletes do results in being:

More Confident
and working as a cohesive team

Why doesn’t your training? Well, it can.

Let’s Take it Outside the Box
If we take standard business mentality, training is mostly done to please the Legal Department. What if you could please them and train your staff in a way that gives them all the same things an athlete gets out of it?

Let’s look at some ideas of how you can rethink your training:

Create an introduction about the result of the training they are going to do, so they know what to expect from it.
Your company changes more often than every decade, so should your training, update it.
Break it up in to smaller, more palatable pieces. Smaller courses, covering specific topics can be retained more easily by your staff.
Get them behind the purpose of the company, if they aren’t there to push that, they are in the wrong business. It should align with their passion.
Make it more accessible and allow them to review it as many times as necessary.

Those are just some ideas of how your training can create super stars!

Rafferty Pendery is the founder and CEO of Studio98, an online application development company.

Studio98 created Rethink Training, which is a very easy to use, learning management system and online training platform allowing you to training both your staff and customers.

Create modules with documents, video, quizzes (including both essays and multiple choice). Track and manage their training with an easy to use progress board.

Find out more at

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