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Recently I was doing some research about doing business in the Philippines and I came across this article and thought you may be interested.  Currently, the Philippines is growing like crazy due to 3 major reason:

  1. American and UK customers have rejected the notion of India as a source of quality Voice support.
  2. The global recession, and especially the hurt US companies are feeling now
  3. Quality, well spoken agents.  They have a strong influence from the US culture.

Several years ago I was completely against offshore customer sales and support but my last assignment, 2 years ago brought me to Manila then to Cebu and I realized that the quality was strong.  All they needed was a way to consistently execute against client expectations. That is the key so finding a Philippine Contact Center with these attributes is key.

If you are looking to provide call center outsourcing a try make sure you read this Contact Center vendor Evaluation Form.  Then read this great article below…

BPO Philippines Call Center Outsourcing Boom
By Zachary Williamson

BPO in the Pilippines Call Centers

As globalization expands the benefits of global BPO are becoming easier to obtain for small and mid-sized companies. Business Process Outsourcing otherwise known as BPO has only been available to large firms and the Fortune 500 and now the trends are starting to change. India and China are the top outsourcing countries of the world followed by the Philippines. More and more American companies are becoming players in the international scene, just as more and more companies are starting to choose BPO in the Philippines to run their off shore call centers. The Philippines consist of a group of 7,000+ islands that all together only take up the land mass of Arizona. The country was occupied for over 300 years by the Spanish followed by an American occupation, which led to the country’s Independence and this spawned its transformation from Eastern to Western Culture. Unlike other outsourcing hubs of the world, BPO Philippines not only offers a high rate of exchange on its currency as well as an English speaking population but also a culture and lifestyle that is very much like our own.

I have a close friend from India that has been in the US for over 14 years now and even though he knows the English language very well his accent is choppy and his understanding of American culture and mannerisms is still vague. One time while visiting with him he made a phone call to his local electric company to have his service transferred and I got the chance to hear the conversation. The agent from the electric company was in an American and I could tell they had quite a communication problem. I noticed that my friend had to repeat himself several times and had trouble telling the agent his request. It took a frustrating twelve minutes to process his request when I could have done it easily in five. Looking back I really think the agent could understand him but sub-consciously gave him a hard time due to his accent.

Philippines Call Center

The next day I was ordering phone service from a VOIP provider and spoke to a call center agent to setup my service. It wasn’t till the end of the conversation that I asked him where their call center was located (as I always do, since I work in the industry) and to my surprise he said it was a Philippines call center. This was when I realized, I may need to look into BPO Philippines call centers. The agent spoke using American slang and had somewhat of a Spanish accent so I assumed he was in Southern Florida or Southern California. After finding out about BPO Philippines I started doing research and found that Dell, IBM, Vonage along with many other Fortune 500 companies had migrated, if you will, to the Philippines to open call center facilities of their own. Filipino agents speak Spanish as well as English and provide superior telesales services.

BPO Philippines

Our company now owns and operates a facility in the Philippines call center district of Manila. BPO in the Philippines has increased our conversions and sales as well as our customer satisfaction. Find out how BPO Philippines Call Centers can give your business the competitive edge.

Zachary Williamson is the Director of Business Development for The Lead Tree, LLC and enjoys travel to India and the Philippines call centers.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Zachary_Williamson

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About the Author: Greg Meares

As a Sr. Consultant for Performance Connections, Inc., Greg's primary objective is to provide value to organizations that are focused on raising brand awareness. Additionally Greg works on improving the customer experience, through business process re-engineering, and call center best practices. Greg is an industry expert and is often called upon to provide his analysis and solution oriented approach to improving performance in the BPO and Call Center industry.


  1. Heck, that’s a hard fact I gotta admit to. Though we all fantasise … ‘How the Call Center Market is Booming in India’ but the reality is ‘Are the Consumers Happy with the Length & Quality of Service’ provided by these Call Center!

    Undoubtedly, there are good ones but it’s the quantity that counts. Outsourced campaigns now a days changes hands & by the time reaches a contract ‘Quality, Integrity, Knowledge & Communication’ comes into question.

    Does coal ever change its color? Does it turn from Black to White? NO … indeed. So is there any alternate to find suitable outsourcing countries? Yes, I recommend a country/ society meeting following criteria’s stand better chance in extending optimum services –

    1. Culture & History
    2. Adaptability
    3. Business Value
    4. Real Time ‘Training’ – Not Cheap Materials
    5. Awareness, Integrity & Sincerity
    6. Exposure … etc

    Outsourcing has done more good to the Indian Community, i.e. Consumers have become more conscious, demand value for money & globalized.

    On the other hand, Consumers frustration has grown in the origin countries. Using technology can consolidate & expedite process/ formalities. But in the event of human interfacing … mindset & communication differences creates collusive impact in customer satisfaction.

    I agree with Greg Meares … Indian Call Centers overall performance has come under fire recent days. It has turned out to be a ‘Business’ rather forgetting it involves ‘Service’ … concerning quality, knowledge & communication skills.

    Language & Culture barrier are the vital reason and market confidence has also played native role along the way.

    Alternate market, effective coordination & advance training materials would do some good in this case, if not all.

  2. I have not had the experience of dealing with a rep from the Philippines. I have the feeling that it would go much smoother than the calls I have had dealing with India. I wonder if they cost savings with outsourcing really make it worth the frustrations that the customers have and also the loss of customers that companies have…or do the VPs and CEOs only think of their bonuses when making these decisions.

  3. Hi Fred,

    Great question. As with any other industry, you will find that some are motivated by greed and others motivated by providing a great customer experience, which in the end, will help profits.

    I have been in the Contact Center Industry for over 20 years now and understand that although providing a great customer experience may be difficult initially, ultimately it will help determine a companies financial success.

    Call Center Outsourcing companies that embrace this concept will do well. That is why I like the Transparency Model of Vector BPO, they focus on their clients needs, by focusing on their clients customers.

  4. If you go into outsourcing simply to cut cost your ability to provide quality customer service will suffer. However, if your focus remains on customer service it can work out. Great planning is definitely needed though because now you are relying on someone else to care for your client base and want them to do as good of a job as you.

    Careful consideration must be given to whom you select to oursource to, the training you will initially provide and continue to provide thereafter, how you will retain the employees (there is high turnover in outsourcing) and how you will measure performance.

    By exercising foresight and planning ahead you can be successful with outsourcing.

    “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads for want.”

  5. Hi Paula,

    You are absolutely correct. Planning does go a long way. It applies to both internal and outsourced projects.

    You can never plan enough.


  6. Due to a different culture and business approach adopted and brought in by the Americans as well as professional ethics, hospitality and kindness of most Filipinos, the business outsourcing in the Philippines has the advantage to capturing a bigger portion of the World market demand on BPO especially from UK and USA. A win-win situation approach, just like anyone else, between vendor and customers combined with communication skills and highly educated personnel, the BPO industries will boost the economy which results to uplifting their standard of living.

  7. I hate to call Help Desks and service centers any anymore.Customer support and service has gone to the dogs. Every 800# or customer service # these days has a foreigner at the other end. I am not not against foreigners, – I am one.
    But when you talk football and the other end is hearing cricket then that a problem. Indian IT is totally a big lie, they inflate there resumes, buy their degrees and the greedy US CEOs buy right into the lie. Incompetence is the new norm for American customer service.

  8. I agree with Bob above.

    Bo – that is why many of the customers and clients of the BPO industry are moving to the Philippines. India is in a bit of trouble. But is that because of the owners of the those particular companies are not focused on what is important? Maybe they are willing to sacrifice quality for profits. BTW – if you do things correctly, you don’t have to.

    Recently I visited a center in Cebu, Philippines called Vector BPO and I must say that I am really impressed with the quality of agents they are putting on the phones.

    Bo – overall I agree that customer service has dropped. But I’m not sure you can blame that on the BPO industry. Consumers as a whole want affordable prices and this pushes the direction that all industries are taking. There are numerious examples of high quality service all around.

  9. Cebu City, Philippines is indeed a prime location to acquire quality agents.

    Though in a recent census its call center industry only ranks 4th overall in the Philippines in terms of the most number of call centers (Quezon City has 77 major call centers, Ortigas City has 141 and Makati City is 1st place with 274 call centers), it just goes to show that Cebu City, Philippines still has plenty of room to grow and with the 23,000 college graduates produced annually, still have plenty of untapped personnel potential.

  10. There is a rapid growth of Outsorcing these days as manufactures try to cut cost and maximize profit.`-,

  11. While its true that Phillipine culture is much more heavily influenced by the US, Pinoy English puts the emphasis on the wrong syllables, and often puts the emphasis on the wrong word in the sentence. This makes for trouble. the Filipino accent is not “neutral” as many claim.

    This problem needs to be addressed, and then I think the Phillipines would really be unbeatable.

  12. i was in the telesales business a few years ago but now i do internet marketing*-~

  13. It’s true BPO is an emerging industry in the Philippines. From Manila down south to Davao, BPO is widely accepted and embraced. This industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and not just in the Philippines. In TryBPO, we cater the needs of new companies outsourcing dilemma by giving them cheap, overseas staff. Check us out when you get a chance.

  14. my father is an expert in Telesales but he moved recently into internet marketing and he is great in IM too*.`

  15. I definitely agree that in outsourcing there are a lot of things that a client must consider. The list that you, Tarek Mollah presented are of great importance and must be valued. And there is one company in the Philippines, Global Link BPO , who is a globally competitive customer service oriented organization that answers to the demands of outsourcing. They provide the highest level of communication services to perfectly deliver customer care and service solutions in the most cost-effective manner to prospective customers, increasing customer satisfaction and building a lasting relationship with each customer.

    In line with its pursuit for excellence and guided by the light of its mission, Global Link BPO is open to all possibilities for customer and sales service innovation. We are steadily evolving, responding better to the fast rising industry of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Check them out at http://www.globallinkbpo.com.

    We cannot deny the fact that most BPO companies started from a medium-size company until they grow.With my own understanding, large company holds bigger projects than the medium size, but the goals and the quality of service is more likely the same.However their’s no clear definition yet between large and medium size companies. In the philippines their is one medium-size industry that I can recommend, that uses the expertise and talent of Filipino agents to lengthen the life of the project, combined with efficient operations management and call center technology.They are on their way of distinguishing their company as one of the fast growing industry and most trusted call centers in the Philippines and around the world. They are steadily evolving, responding better to the fast rising industry of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). You will know more this BPO industry in visiting this site globallinkbpo.com.

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