Call Center Best Practice – Managing To The Call Center Model

What is the Call Center Model, you might ask?

It has been argued that there are three components that need to be integrated well to establish what is considered a well running call center.  Some might even say that the effective use of integrating  "people, process and technology " is an art form in itself and can be considered a call center best practice

However, before I jump into this call center best practices, let me step back and first restate what these pillars are.

  • People 
  • Process
  • Technology

To the right, is a diagram to help illustrate these three components of a call center that is considered to have what it takes to be considered effective. But please understand, just by having these does not guarantee your center will be recognized as a top performer.  There are other considerations that we will get too.

Call Center Best Practices

What Do "People" Have To Do With a Successful Center?

This should be pretty obvious,... you would think. If you're thinking that this entails having strong people, you are correct. But it's more than that. These people need to be empowered and have the mindset to operate like an entrepreneur.  Simply put, they have to take ownership of their sphere of influence and assume full responsibility and accountability for what they are doing.  The question to ask, is this driving the business forward?

Driving the business forward?


Are they doing what is necessary in their power to support their employee, support the customer, and support the objectives of the organization? I could write a book about this subject but there is a great book I just finished reading a book called "Extreme Ownership", and although it is not specific to the call center industry, it's a great read for those that want to improve their leadership skills.

My partner and put together a webinar on demand called "The Role of a Supervisor", that addresses these characteristics of a frontline call center leader.


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Becoming aware of your situation is the first stage of improving it. Awareness to action. #problemsolving

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