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Call Center Metrics and Measuring Productivity

This is an update that was originally posted on July 12, 2009, Under Call Center Metrics.

Most good Call Center Outsourcers are familiar with this call center metric and is often referred to as Bill-To-Pay (B2P) or as Productive-To-Pay (P2P)

Bill To Pay is the measure of the time an associate is productive relative to the amount of time the associate is paid (or the amount of time billed to the client)

Now I know what you're thinking if you run an internal center..."This Call Center Metric is not for me."  Oh but it is, and you may be shocked how low your numbers are.

B2P is typically a measure that outsourced contact centers use to track percent of agent time that is billed to the client. P2P is typically the measure in-house contact centers use to measure how productive their agent base is Represented as a Percentage of total paid time.

When used in conjunction with Occupancy, it is a powerful call center metrics tool for managing the effectiveness of the overall contact center.

Here is the formula:

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