Call Center Training That Delivers Results

Call Center Training That Delivers Results
By Greg Meares

Creating consistent results for many call center’s is the most challenging endeavor they face. Constant pressure is applied to achieve their call center metrics. There is really only one solution to this challenge. Develop your call center supervisors with call center training that will impact the results.

Call center supervisors and team leaders are important in determining the overall success of your call center. Think about it, they influence quality and productivity in so many ways. In fact, they may have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. By the things they do, it is obvious that they directly impact the call center agent’s morale.

How is your call center team preparing your front-lined leadership group? Are they prepared to meet the daily performance challenges of their call center? Let’s face it, these daily challenges are many and if your call center supervisors do not have the tools necessary to effectively address these performance challenges, your call center performance will suffer.

Most call center supervisors have been promoted from the call center agent ranks. For the most part, that is a good thing. The downside is that the level of experience is not where it needs to be to drive call center performance. Using properly designed Call Center Training to develop your new front-lined leaders is a smart way to develop their skill set.

Formalized call center training is the solution for all rookie call center supervisor teams. They need the develop and since they directly impact results, it only makes sense to establish a program focused on achievement and success.

Some of the top Call Center leaders in the industry agree that there are 15 basic areas of development that all call center supervisors and support staff need to become proficient in. Creating training around these 15 areas will show an immediate improvement in your call center performance.

Developing skills such as “what it means to be a call center supervisor”, “team building”, “communication” and “coaching” will have a positive impact on day to day performance. Moreover, skills that will help the front-lined leader’s motivate their teams, such as “understanding individual behavior”, “positive leadership” and “listening skills”, cannot be under estimated.

By applying effective call center leadership training to develop your supervisors is just smart. Often, the challenges your call center supervisors face can be overwhelming, but providing training modules such as “time management”, and “stress management”, your supervisors will have the foundation to deal with these challenges. Call center training designed as modules offers the leadership team two options when developing your front-lined leaders. First, you can utilize all of the modules to assist new leaders and secondly, the training can be offered on a module by module basis. This allows ongoing development for both new and seasoned call center supervisors.

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