Motivated Call Center

5 Steps to Developing a Highly Motivated Call Center

Motivating your call center agents and managers to carry out their respective duties requires innovative thinking and creativity. It is more than a job; it’s an adventure, right? It sure is, in... Read more »

What Does Ashley Madison Have In Common With Call Center Routing?

Algorithms.Yes, algorithms have become intuitive enough to be effective at introducing people to each other via a dating website like Ashley Madison or 20% of Millennials (18-34 year olds) use a... Read more »
Call Center Recruiting

Recruit and Retain the Best Emotionally Mature Agents For Your Call Center

Do you have a recruiting process to acquire call center talent? As you know, there is not-so-subtle pressure to recruit the best available agent talent. Identifying candidates who can demonstrate the appropriate thinking and... Read more »
Call Center Supervisor

How to Earn a Promotion in Your Call Center

From time to time employees approach you asking for a promotion in your call center.  How do you respond?  What do you tell them?  Your response can be instrumental in the kind... Read more »
Call Center Customer Service

7 Habits of Highly Successful Agents In Your Call Center

In this article, the habits that make up a successful call center agent are reviewed.  From my experience, having these habits helps determine the success of your call center.  Additionally, you can... Read more »
Call Center Agent

9 Interpersonal Characteristics of a Superior, Call Center Agent

Thinking about what interpersonal characteristics make for a superior, call center agent, I came up with a list of 9.  Trust me, I’ve seen my share of characters through the years.  Many... Read more »
Call Center Agent

5 Of The Most Important Competencies That Make a Great, Call Center Agent

Competencies are forecasts of fortune that are important in the making of a great, call center agent. They are indicators of a combination of knowledge, skills and attributes that lead to successful... Read more »