predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics Will Improve Your Call Center’s Performance

Predictive Analytics will improve your call center performance.In the call center business, scorecards measure the profitability (or not) of the business in its present existence. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) represents the kind of... Read more »
Call Center IVR System

7 Tips For an Effective IVR Experience

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has been a game-changer in the handling of customer calls. It carries the weight of responsibility in regards to fulfilling a best practices approach to customer service.Let’s face... Read more »

What Does It Take to Be Considered the Greatest Call Center Supervisor?

You are a great call center supervisor.Is this assertion correct? Of course.How do you know you are a great call center supervisor?Your customers, your partners, your agents and managers tell you so,... Read more »
Customer Service

Empowering Agents to Personalize the Customer Service Experience

Overseeing Call Center agents and managers working well in synchronicity with programs, systems and customers is, quite frankly, the job supervisors do daily. Some days, it seems more like a dream than... Read more »
Call Center Telecommuting

7 Advantages for Telecommuting into Your Call Center

Telecommuting is an offsite, operations program for call centers around the world. Millions of agents are working from home today. Yet, while it may be advantageous for you to consider. It may... Read more »
Call Center Customer Loyalty

What Are You Doing To Win Over Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty creates staying power for your call center. Building a connection with your customer base gives you momentum for your business especially when you need it. As you know, there are... Read more »

Should Agent Adherence Be Your #1 Concern?

Flat agent adherence is a problem that plagues many call center supervisors. In a 2010 ICMI Workforce Management Practices study, 45.7% stated that agent adherence is their #1 concern.Simply put, if you... Read more »
Call Center Planning

What’s Your Plan For Hiring Talent in Your Call Center?

In the call center business, discovering talented agents, managers and supervisors requires a plan. With a plan, the revolving, turnstile of talent is enough to make you nauseous. Finding managerial candidates, present... Read more »
Employee Engagement

Make a Change for Employee Engagement: Here’s How!

How's Your Employee Engagement? All top performing call centers have a high level of employee engagement. The following article provides a game plan for improving your call center performance by way of... Read more »
Philippines BPO

Philippines BPO Industry should be your Choice

Discover why the Philippines BPO Industry should be considered for your outsourcing needs.Did you know that, according to the LA Times, over 1 million Filipinos in the Philippines work in call centers... Read more »