Challenges Facing Call Center Management

Challenges Facing Call Center Management

By Joel Owens

It does not take an agent to know that a call center job is stressful work. In fact, if one would ask an agent from any Philippine call center, the same problems in their jobs would be mentioned.

Call centers have essentially become one of the largest and the most ubiquitous part of almost every business around the world. It is currently playing a crucial role not only between customers and companies but as well as the relationship of business to business. A study claims that most call centers experience bad performance. This is no surprise due to the nature of the job. With the heavy burden of conversing and explaining smoothly the sometimes complicated rules and regulations regarding products and services to individuals on the phone, call centers find it best to remedy most of these through the use efficient software. In a bird’s eye view, the general opinion regarding call centers has suffered a significant, major decline over the past years.

This is not without remedy though as there is more than just a set of ways to improve on the service especially on the managerial side of the business. As mentioned earlier, perhaps the best way is through software.

To point out, software use does not necessarily need to be expensive but, most of the time, it’s the expensive ones that prove to be efficient. Therefore, knowing what problems to address and resolve would be the basic answer to these problems.

The trend can be turned around if the administering staff can gain professional assistance and learn new methods and processes to add with the company’s system. Still, knowing what problems to address are crucial.

Here are two of the most common problems that any Philippine call center encounters in their daily operations are:


1. Absentees. The absentee rate in these call center agencies is higher than in most industries that maybe rooted to several other factors like health concerns, tardiness, the lack of motivation, proximity from the organization, etc. Primarily, most of these problems can be avoided if the manager can motivate, stimulate and induce a healthy, competitive lifestyle inside the office. Using small competitions with incentives can do a lot of motivation for some.

For people who have health concerns, a good promise of a better HMO would do a lot for them. Those who live far away from the office should be disciplined with a strict policy to prevent tardiness. Strict compliance will surely result in increase productivity from the agents.

2. Abandoned and Responded Calls. While there are several things that call center agent need to explain, most of the questions that the representative answers are satisfying enough for the person on the line. Eventually, such calls may also lead to abandoned calls. This is when the customer either hangs up or is dissatisfied or left still confused with the product or service and the predicament they are in.

This lowers the productivity of the company that aims to provide customer satisfaction. More training regarding the calls is, perhaps, the most acceptable way in avoiding this.

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