CRM Options Are Growing – Choose Wisely

By: Dave Roth

In the past, when CRM, or customer relationship management, software first came out, there were not too many choices for it. Most people could get something that was similar to an electronic datebook, and that was about all that they were able to do.

Times have changed, however, and many more options are available. Because of that, individuals who are looking to get a lot for their money often look to CRM and try to determine exactly what it is that they need, so that they are able to avoid paying too much for features that they will not use or not getting enough for their money, especially as their business expands.


A growing business is something that a lot of people who purchase CRM software do not really think about – at least not to the extent that it might happen. They think small, because they are afraid to think big, and when their business suddenly takes on a life of its own they are simply not prepared. Making the right choice from the start can help to avoid that.

Naturally, a tiny mom-and-pop business does not want to spend the kind of money on CRM that a multi-million dollar corporation would. That simply does not make sense. However, there are so many different choices today that even small companies can get a lot for very little money, and it is now possible to get CRM software that grows as the company grows.

Add-ons can be a great way to ensure that a company is getting enough for its money without spending too much on things that will never be used, or that might be used in five years time when the company is much larger. There are a couple of different kinds of CRM software, and this is where a company must be careful in choosing.

There is some that can be run on the company computers, and there is some that can be sourced out to others. Most small businesses do not want to do that because the cost is higher and they might not feel safe about where their data actually is and who is able to get a hold of it. These kinds of solutions, however, are very safe for a company, and the price of them has come down significantly in recent years.

A company who does not choose this type of CRM may have trouble later if it wants to convert over to something different, since there are only so many ways that this can be done. Moving everything can be time-consuming and costly, and can also cause down-time that can affect customer service – which is something that no business wants to have to deal with. By spending time researching what the best choice for a business will be, and by making sure that one takes advantage of free trials and other options, it can be much easier to get a CRM solution that will work for a business for many years in the future.

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Dave Roth runs a site focusing on CRM software reviews The site provides reviews on everything from open source crm to various web based CRM solutions. Not only that, the site gives salespeople the tools to make these tools even more effective.


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