Customer Services & Quality Assurance – The Most Important Business Tools

Delivering exceptional customer service is undoubtedly a very difficult thing. But what is even harder is encouraging someone else to do so and that too consistently. Nowadays, customers in every business are becoming tough to please. To add more woe to this state of affairs, dedicated professionals are pretty difficult to find and hire. Retention of such employees is another big issue. This results in a tough situation for the customer service and Quality assurance departments of every business organization.

Still some organizations succeed in wowing the customers despite all these odds. The Utopian state is achieved by the organizations that follow four basic motivation strategies. These strategies are listed below:


Get Excited Yourself

Excitement is the key to motivation. The management must be extremely excited about a project. The feeling would naturally filter down. If a manager lacks excitement, his motivation levels would naturally be low. This is because motivation is a feeling that gets filtered from top to bottom. If the management is motivated from within, it would definitely get reflected in their behavior and the whole team would feel equally excited and motivated about their product and services. This would help them achieve the toughest of targets easily. So, to offer enhanced levels of customer service, excitement about the products is the first prerequisite.

Hire Motivated Professionals

This would reduce your time to motivate teams. This can be easily understood by the assertion – “Hire smart or manage tough.”

To quote the Chief Operating Officer of a reputed healthcare organization, “We only hire people with “It”. Where “It” is a pathological disease to want to serve people.”

Yes, such professionals do exist. And they are the people who excel at every task you entrust them with. In fact hiring motivated professionals also casts a positive impact on the contemporary teams as well and the outcome is enhanced customer service.

Measure Employee Achievements and Failures

This is a general notion that humans get overwhelmed when all the attention is focused on them. A certain amount of highlighting of their achievements by the senior management assures total attention to priorities. This naturally increases both productivity and customer satisfaction.

Share the Profits

“What gets rewarded gets repeated.” Measurements must be tied with a suitable reward. Every business man must remember that nothing can motivate an employee better than cash incentives. A nineteenth century industrialist Robert Bosch said,

“I don’t pay good wages because I make a lot of money. I make a lot of money because I pay good wages.”

Quality assurance, abridged as QA is another tool for bringing home better levels of customer service. QA stands for a planned and systematic production process. The major thrust of this process is over proffering supplementary confidence to enhance the aptness of the finished product.
Merriam-Webster’s definition of QA states –

“It is a set of activities intended to ensure that products (goods and/or services) satisfy customer requirements in a systematic, reliable fashion.”

The major aim of every business remains ascertaining maximum levels of profits which can only be achieved by enhanced measures of customer service and quality assurance.

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