First Call Resolution Formula For Success

First Call Resolution Formula

Finding the right First Call Resolution formula to help reduce cost seems to be the fade these days.

And for good reason, by reducing repeat calls, your company could save millions. 

In contrast to improvement programs that focus on average handle times efficiency improvements, that could have an adverse effect on call quality, FCR is concerned with improving internal processes.

The solution is simple.

Your First Call Resolution formula should include these 5 initiatives: 

Learn to identify Repeat Calls Accurately

What are repeat calls?

Simply stated a repeat call is "original call without a repeat" divided by all "original calls." Determining which of these calls are which is the challenge.

Understanding the issue and the frequency of callers is not easy without the proper use of technology.

Determine and Know Why Your Customers Are Calling

It's expensive and can be time consuming trying to categorizing each and every call.

For instance, asking your call center representatives to tag each and every call could add seconds onto each call ad cause additional phone metric issues.

Utilizing speech analytics, surveys or quality assurance systems that only look at a random selection of calls doesn't give you a complete view of what is actually going on.

The only way to truly analyze your first call resolution is accomplished by looking at all of the calls.

Your frontline employees need to see the performance data

Repeat calls are the result to errors, in fact, up to 65% of repeat calls are do to frontline employees errors.

There are many reasons that will make the customer back.

For instance, the customer may have spoken to one of your agents and didn't feel that they were confident, maybe they took a request from a customer but failed to follow through.

Poor quality will drive repeat calls, decrease customer loyalty and hurt the customer experience which adds up to increased cost.

Agent quality must improve by understanding the drivers and correcting that with targeted coaching.

How much time is spent coaching in your call center?

The general consensus is that frontline supervisors should spend close to 70% coaching, whereas, in reality 20% is the norm.

The best way to accomplish improved agent performance is through personalized coaching in conjunction with the use of specific calls.

In doing so, you'll experience improvement in efficiency and a reduction in attrition.

Measure your efforts through coaching by looking at your data.

By using this first call resolution formula, you'll have a chance to improve performance and reduce the call volume.

In addition, the first call resolution formula will help you improve areas they are beyond coaching, such as policy or training opportunities.

FCR is a key performance indicator for call centers and using the first call resolution formula helps you improve performance. 

But it's important to understand that FCR is more than just a metric for your teams.

Utilizing the first call resolution formula is a shift in the way managers and even agents approach their jobs.

It can streamline processes, and provide frontline employees with better insights into their performance.

And finally it will empower your supervisors to coach for improvement, which allows your call center representatives to achieve more of their KPI's.

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