From Malaysia To The Philippines – My Update and Status

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Over the past several months I’ve been somewhat underground…

Perhaps, one could say that I’ve been absent, and that description may be true, but it wasn’t because I walked away from Call Center Best Practices, but because I was called upon to participate in something rather exciting.  Although I can’t go into too much detail because I am under a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I can tell you about the places I have been.

… and I knew this experience would help me with Call Center Best Practices! 🙂

Good news, I even have an update.

The Opportunity

Kuala LumpurI was presented with the consultant engagement of a lifetime, and within just a handful of days I was on a plane headed for Kuala Lumpur.  I primarily took this assignment because I had never been to Malaysia, but soon learned I would gain insight into operations of a very welled respected organization.

The first leg would require me to spend three weeks in the city of Kuala Lumpur.   After that I would head to the Philippines and try to have a positive impact there.

The opportunity would span both voice and non-voice operations, in which my primary goal would be to assist in improving, streamlining, and implementing a new behavior model for performance management.

Where I am Now

All this started in Mid-October and now April is upon us.  This engagement is coming to an end. I must say it has been good for me.

But more importantly, over the past couple of months I completely re-designed Call Center Best Practices and I’m happy to say it is just about ready to be released to the Call Center Community.

PhilippinesSome of the new things you will find are new resources added like the full Call Center Games resource set, which is for the “Gold” membership.  Also I am very excited that we have added the complete “Leading For Results” program.

Leading For Results sells for $97 but if you signup for the Platinum membership it is part of the benefit for those subscribers.

Visit membership details to learn all about all of our membership levels.

Additionally, you should have already noticed the sleek new look of Call Center Best Practices.  I’m happy with the new design and I hope you like it too.  Expect more updates and some very valuable new resources.

Here’s to your scuccess,

Greg Meares

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