Hosted VoIP For Small Inbound Contact Centers

Hosted VoIP Inbound Call Center

Recently my team discovered an outstanding business tool for anybody that has a small to medium sized Inbound Customer Support and / or Sales group.

It costs substantially less than other services yet it provides more functionality.

I’m talking about Hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems by FreedomIQ.

To be honest I haven’t been a fan of hosted VoIP in the past.  But I assumed that the poor service was due to the quality of the Internet.  I was mistaken.  Recently I discovered it is determined by the quality of the company and how they configure their routers.  Properly configuring your voice packets to have priority is the key.

Besides being an extremely cost effective Inbound solution (you can save up to 80% off of other similar systems), you also have the ability to set-up advanced ACD and call queue for your customer support or sales groups.

Advanced ACD and Call Queue

The first function of most business phone systems is getting a caller in touch with the person that can best handle the call. Optimizing how quickly this connection is made can dramatically increase caller satisfaction. Happy callers can mean measurable results in phone sales, customer retention, and more.

A FreedomIQ VoIP PBX offers automated call distribution options and flexible ring groups so that you can decide the best way for callers to reach your workforce.

Standard distributions include:

  • Round-Robin
  • Most Time Idle
  • Weighted Call Time
  • Skills-Based Rotation
  • Simultaneous Ringing

Visual Call Reporting

Call Center Reporting

Real-Time Reporting:

An important step in making a VoIP PBX work for your business is measuring and understanding the trends of your call traffic. By knowing when you experience high or low activity, you can better configure your call distribution settings or call queues to minimize hold times and produce a greater experience for your callers.

FreedomIQ’s WebLINK Internet Control Panel lets you generate visual call reports to help analyze your call traffic over a period of time. Custom options allow you to filter by date range, time of day, extension, or the phone number dialed. Data can be easily sorted by points of interest, such as the caller’s phone number, or can be exported as a spreadsheet for further review.

View Live PBX Status:

One of the main advantages of business VoIP technology is, “presence.” This feature gives PBX system administrators the ability to view which employees are logged into a VoIP phone on the system and which are currently on a call, regardless of their location. Employees working from remote are connected seamlessly with your central office in a single live status report.

The WebLINK Internet Control Panel gives you access to this type of real-time reporting, with added options to sort and filter your view. WebLINK also lets you listen in on any call that is in-progress. This feature is transparent to all parties on the call, so you can hear what is being said without interrupting the conversation.

WebLINK Internet Control Panel

Hosted VoIP WebLINK Control Panel

Online PBX Administration:

The WebLINK Internet Control Panel lets you manage your FreedomIQ VoIP PBX from any computer that has Internet access. Your secure login to this web interface allows you to:

  • Change call forwarding times and phone numbers.
  • Create or modify call queues and ACD settings.
  • Add new users and activate VoIP phones.
  • Review, save, and trash voice and fax messages.
  • Generate real-time visual call reports.
  • Upload new greetings or hold music.
  • Update account and billing information.
  • …& more.
Employee Scheduling Tool:
The WebLINK Internet Control Panel provides PBX system administrators with an easy-to-use tool designed to help optimize the call center scheduling. This Employee Scheduler tool uses previous call traffic trends to estimate future staffing needs by time of day.
You begin by adding resizable bars representing individual employee work schedules. As you change scheduled times and adjust for break periods, a graphical display projects the current configuration’s ability to handle your projected call volume.

Record, Service Observe and Replay

Hosted VoIP Recording Calls

Train Your Employees:

Good communication skills are critical to capturing sales over the phone or troubleshooting customer support issues. To help your employees improve these skills, and to ensure they are providing a high quality of service, FreedomIQ lets you record calls that take place on your VoIP PBX.

You may choose whether to record calls for some or all of your extensions. Before connecting a forwarded call with an employee, your FreedomIQ PBX system will play an announcement to inform the caller that the conversation may be recorded.

At the conclusion of the call, an audio recording is delivered to the email address of your choice. Recorded calls may also be found online at any time through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel.

By reviewing these recordings regularly, you can quickly uncover any problems with your call center staff. We recommend sharing these calls with your employees to help them improve their sales dialogue or provide better support for your customers.

Easily Resolve Disputes:

Whether a legitimate complaint or not, what takes place during a phone conversation may be disputed by a caller. Depending on the nature of the call, this can pose a variety of serious problems for your business.

By archiving your important recorded calls through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel, you can immediately resolve any such disputes and protect your business with an exact account of what was said.


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If your interested in a demo and with the funtionality of this system then please visit their site and request a no obligation test drive.

All the best,

Greg Meares

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  1. My company is looking for a great VoIP system and we have heard good things about FreedomIQ. Do you have their contact info?


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