How to Develop Leadership Qualities in the Workplace

Workers and rank and file employees in the workplace may seem perplexed on how to develop leadership qualities. After all, they take care of the tedious details of work such as customer service, production and service delivery. All their energies tend to be dedicated to the business processes they are tasked to oversee.

Yet, leadership is important in all aspects of the business. Even in production teams and in various situations in customer service and other departments of the organization, leadership is important. Teams have also become popular in recent years because of the need to deliver beyond the capabilities of individuals. If you are a rank and file employee and you recognize the need for leadership, here are some tips on how to develop leadership qualities in the workplace.


Establish meaningful relationships. Do some small talk and meaningful conversations with your team mates. Ask them their deepest desires and their concerns in their work and in their lives. This way, you can understand them and their motivations better. Don’t just limit your relationships to co-workers, though. Be friends with your supervisors and bosses. They are not as aloof as you may initially think, they are just burdened by a lot of leadership roles.

Take leadership whenever you can. Look for opportunities to take leadership. It may be as simple as doing extra work for the organization. Doing extra research for an aspect of your work or taking on a new task in your department. Volunteers tend to attract the attention of managers.

Be where the action is. Don’t hesitate to take on additional work. Be sure to balance your time though. Don’t let your personal life suffer because of too much work demands. But if you show initiative and be where the action is, people in the organization will look to you for leadership.

Participate actively in meetings. Don’t just participate for the sake of participation. Give your meaningful opinion and how the situation could be improved.

Be proactive. Don’t wait for orders. If you see some action and tasks that must be done, do it! If you are always waiting for orders from the boss, they will see you as just another worker who’s waiting for the bell to ring and go home.

Look out for others. Be sensitive to the needs of others. While it is great to demand great and excellent performance, be sensitive to the needs of your co-workers. They will thank you for it. On the flip side, you should also learn when to push them to their limits and motivate them to push forward.

Given the distractions and difficulties in time management, it may be difficult to develop your leadership traits. If you find it difficult to learn how to develop leadership qualities, then ask for help.

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