It Ain’t Your Mama’s Call Center

Mom's Call Center

Your Mama’s call center ain’t what it used to be, is it?

Answering the phone in today’s call center is simply not enough.  With the ability to connect with customers through a medley of communication channels including text, instant messaging, email, video, voice, of course, intermixed with social media darlings like Facebook and Instagram, your agents must be technical wizards.  It’s enough to make Mama’s head spin.

Building relationships with customers to facilitate enjoyable, helpful experiences is the challenge that awaits all of your agents everyday.  Upselling and problem solving only scratches the surface as it relates to the skill sets your successful agents will hold.  Your Mama could deal with that, right?  Add the technical components required of agents these days to reach a competent level of performance and she would certainly begin to experience vertigo and faint.

So, how do you prevent your Mama’s call center from becoming stale, antiquated and obsolete?

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