Keeping Call Centers Running Efficiently

Keeping Call Centers Running Efficiently

By Jeremy P Stanfords

In fact, many businesses have based their reputation and success on providing unparalleled customer service. Call centers provide an opportunity to turn a customer into a repeat customer. In this way, they are not just cost centers that drag down a business plan, instead, they are an opportunity to strengthen and grow a business.


In order to achieve that goal, call center management needs to make efficient operation a priority. Saving on expenses and being able to quickly resolve outstanding issues are the two main ways to gauge a call center’s successful operation. We will look at a few areas where that efficient operation can be achieved.

Flexible Decision Making

Automated call center reporting is a key component in managing the overall workflow. By establishing a system that can provide real-time data on customer queues, waiting times, and resolution rates, the entire department can be seen at a glance. When the phone lines become backlogged and customers are not being helped, immediate action to remedy the situation will lead to satisfied customers.

By dynamically assigning the workforce at the right place and time, many problems can be avoided outright. Comparing the current, live data with historical trends also provides a powerful forecasting tool to further anticipate potential issues.

An emphasis is placed on real time data gathering, because many performance indicators are best utilized as soon as they are made available. Those indicators are used as a measure of success over a given quarter, but if they can be put to good use proactively. Call center management can respond to those metrics, rather than just reporting them.

Empowering And Motivating Employees

Employees are the foundation of a call center. After the layers of automated systems, electronic queues, and phone menus, a real person ultimately tackles the tough calls. Accordingly, training a new employee can cost up to 2 months pay in terms of replacing a lost employee and the resulting lost productivity. By adding tools and incentives for self-motivation and empowerment, employees will work more efficiently and with fewer turnovers.

Call center metrics can be displayed on personal computers and on common wall-mounted screens. Having live call center reporting streaming directly to employees allows them to manage their own workflows more efficiently and adjust their call times accordingly.

Live data for the entire department also offers a good sense of accomplishment and overall performance, which fosters a feeling of personal investment. Self-motivation and management also saves on direct management, freeing up time for managers and workers alike.

Overall, call center management relies on live metrics reporting in order to facilitate efficient operations. Integrating such a system will boost employee motivation and output while simultaneously offering management the opportunity to make dynamic decisions.

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