Call Center Leadership Series (Webinar Workshop)

Call Center Frontline Leadership Has The Greatest Impact on the Performance, and the Consistent Goal Achievement.  

No Matter If You Are a Seasoned Call Center Leader, Call Center Trainer or Somebody That Hopes To Be One.... These Modules and Webinars Will Help You Take Your Game To The Next Level.

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The Role of a Supervisor

On this webinar workshop you get to sit back and listen to Me (Greg Meares) and Joe Guider share The 3 Vital Tips To Improving Performance In Your Call Center and this of course revolves around the Role of the Supervisor.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Those traits that a supervisor must adopt and make their own to lead an organization to peak performance
  • It’s not just about managing others; supervisor’s will evaluate their own performance against a set of quality standards to maintain an agreed upon level of leadership characteristics.
  • There is a direct link between roles and responsibilities for both the supervisor and staff that should tie back to the objectives, strategies and personality of the company they work for.

The Power of Positive Leadership

Again this is a webinar workshop that allows you to sit back, drink a cup of coffee and discover how to improve the Positive Leadership approach.  Your takeaway will be:  Discover How To Improve Employee Engagement In Your Call Center!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The Risks of Working in a Negative Work Environment and how you can quickly turn around your call center into a positive, high achieving center.
  • Learn how to use Positive Leadership to Build Employee Engagement that drives Call Center Performance and Goal Achievement.
  • Revealed: How to build your path to Positive Leadership and create an amazing call center by just following the tactics revealed on this webinar.

Develop Active Listening Skills

Active Listening is a critical part of Leadership and creating a positive outcome with customers.  On this webinar you will learn variety of skills to learn to improve this competency.   We are excited to share this amazing information.  

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • You will learn the risk of incomplete listening, and the chaos it creates.
  • We share the listening styles that work best and how to use them to drive trust and performance in your call center.
  • Learn the path to dynamic Listening, the guiding principles to follow, and active and complete listening.  All of these will allow you to improve your influence, improve your skills as a leader and improve the customer experience.

10 More Webinar Workshop on Call Center Leadership are on their way

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Joe Guider             
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As a Sr Consultant, I work with many organizations that have Call Centers.  Many of them are faced with many problems.  But the biggest seems to be employee engagement.  Call Center Games is the first product I deply when assigned to fixing any Call Center.  This resource is excellent for creating an envirnment where the employees are excited and enjoy competiting with each other.  We literally see an improvement in all of the KPI's once Call Center Games is used.

As a supervisor in a BPO, I was always trying to find ways to improve my team's performance.  Call Center Games has helped me do that.  As a matter of fact, my team is one of the top performing teams in the center.  My group's morale is high, they laugh and achieve goals very easily.  I highly recommend Call Center Games.

Sunshine Cualay Call Center Manager