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Engaging in Leadership Development is the best way to create consistant and sustanable Call Center Performance Results.

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Below you will find two downloads for each Module.  These were originally developed in Microsoft Word but have since been moved to Powerpoint.  The goal was to make it easier to project in a large setting.  You can still do what you want, i.e. print these documents for binders if you prefer.

The first is the participants guide.  These are used by the trainee.  The second is the facilitator guide that goes with each corresponding Module and allows the trainer to use this as a guide when presenting.

Remember these modules can be used individually to train or coach on specific areas.  Also the modules work great in a staff meeting setting if you want to focus on one aspect of improvement.

This material works!  We (my team and I) used these to develop leaders for a very fast growing call center.  We needed a method to develop newly hired Supervisors.  


Greg Meares

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  • Listening Skills

Listening Skills


This module describes how to identify your listening strengths and weaknesses, how to explain the process of active listening and empathic listening, and how to practice new listening skills.


By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of listening in the communication process
  • Improve your listening skills.

Module Contents:

  • The Importance of Listening Skills
  • Listening Behavior
  • Listening Self?Assessment Exercise
  • Listening Habits
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Characteristics of Effective Listeners
  • Tips for Effective Listening

Download The Participant and Facilitator Guides

This is a great module that really drives improved Listening Skills.  This is one of the most important skills a supervisor can learn.  This module is also very valuable to improve the skills of your call center agents.

To Download the Listening Skills participant module simply "right" click on the download button and "save as" to your computer. I recommend you set up a folder and with in it create two additional folders and save all participant guides in one folder and save all facilitator guides in the other.

To Download the Listening Skills facilitator module simply "right" click on the download button and "save as" to your computer. I recommend you set up a folder and with in it create two additional folders and save all participant guides in one folder and save all facilitator guides in the other.

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