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Listening Skills for Improved Performance and Engagement

Listening Skills to improve engagement and performance in your call center?


I know, developing your listening skills doesn't seem all that exciting and afterall, will it really have any positive impact?

Improving Listening Skills Improves You As a Leader

In an article written by Glenn Llopis and published on, 6 Ways Effective Listening Can Make You A Better Leader,  Llopis makes the assertion that listening is a leadership responsibility that does not appear in the job description.

Listening is a leadership responsibility that does not appear in the job description. - @GlennLlopis #leadership

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I agree with this 100%.

... Additionally, if you are authentic and hone this skill you can easily improve performance and stand out as a leader.

Yet many leaders do not understand this...

And as Llopis expressed further in his article...?

As leaders, we must balance our intensity and desire to perform with compassionate attention to our employees’ needs. Being more mindful of another’s stress and their tension points before they impact the business requires us to boost our emotional intelligence.

6 Ways Effective Listening Can Make You A Better Leader

Glenn Llopis

Importance of Listening Skills

The value on improving your listening skills and that of those that talk to your customers is tremendous, proves to be valuable, when we look at the breakdown of the communication process:

Communication and Listening Skills

Research By Ohio State...

Time Spent In The Communication Process:

Research from Ohio State University shows that the amount of time we spend on different parts of the communication process is divided as follows...

Sophisticated Listening Enriches the Experience of Communication and Strengthens Relationships.

What Are the Risks of Incomplete Listening??

Listening Skills and incomplete listening
Listening Skills and problems

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And that is just looking at it from the organization side.  What if you look at it from the customers side.  Results become very interesting.  

I found this great explanation from SkillsYouNeed.?com??

Listening is so important that many top employers provide listening skills training for their employees. This is not surprising when you consider that good listening skills can lead to better customer satisfaction, greater productivity with fewer mistakes, and increased sharing of information that in turn can lead to more creative and innovative work. 

Improve Your Listening Skills - Try These Solutions

Imagine a training module to improve both your listening skills as a leader, as well as, your teams?

Our Listening Skills Module does just that.  ?Our goal is to quickly improve this skill so you can personally witness the improvement in performance and in your level of customer service.

Discover How To Improve Listening Skills?

Listening Skills Webinar

Discover How To Improve Employee Engagement and the Customer Experience

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