Developing Active Listening Skills Improves Performance On All Levels In a Customer Focused Organizaion

"The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention."  - Rachel Naomi Remen

Listening is so important that many top employers provide listening skills training for their employees. This is not surprising when you consider that good listening skills can lead to: better customer satisfaction, greater productivity with fewer mistakes, increased sharing of information that in turn can lead to more creative and innovative work.

Are Listening Skills Really That Important?

I know what you're thinking...

Listening skills!  I know how to listen and to be honest I have bigger things to worry about.

As a call center leader, we do have many things to worry about, that is true.  However, the impact of improving your listening skills, not only at the leadership level, but also on your call center agents level, is proving to pay dividends in improved performance.

Not convinced yet?

The Importance To Listening Skills...

The value on improving your listening skills and that of those that talk to your customers is tremendous, proves to be valuable when we look at the breakdown of the communication process:

Research By Ohio State...

Time Spent In The Communication Process:

Research from Ohio State University shows that the amount of time we spend on different parts of the communication process is divided as follows...

Sophisticated Listening Enriches the Experience of Communication and Strengthens Relationships.

What Does This Statement Mean for Leadership?

Listening is the Underutilized Power 

Yes I know, when it comes to talking about Leadership skills, Listening is not top on the sizzle scale.  I got it.  But what I am trying to convey to you is that the power of being an effective leader is a strategically smart power that all of us need to possess.

Sophisticated listening enriches the experience of communication and strengthens relationships.?

As a leader, this means that you can build a strong following of loyal subordinates and as a customer service rep, this means, you customers will become raving fans.

That is worthwhile and I wish I knew this at an earlier stage in my career.?

Bottom-line, if you are not a good listener, you will have trouble at forging relationship and understanding your surroundings.

But what are the risks to ineffective listening?

What Are The Risks of Incomplete Listening??

Actually, the risks are numerous.  And many will prevent success from happening in your operation.

Listed below are just some that are easily recognizable:?

As you can imaging the following list would be of concern and works against my objective, and I would imagine yours as well.

When your organization, your employees or even you, have issues with effective listening it prevents you from getting to the core strategic objectives of creating a highly-focused and top-performing team or teams within your organization. 

This blocks true employee engagement and achievement.?

The Three Levels of Listening...

The diagram below illustrates the three levels of Listening Styles...

Can you guess which one is most effective??

Which One Do You Think is Most Effective?

If you said Visionary Listening, you are correct, although this was easy simply by the name.

  • Self-Centered Listening is simply a means to get what is in it for you
  • Relationship Listening is much better, there is relationship building and there is active listening, but only to serve the situation at hand
  • Visionary listening on the other hand builds that relationship, is active, but focuses on improving the situation and identifying the root cause.

The Power of Active and Complete Listening

As a leader utilizing active listening skills only helps you and your teams understand the situation and improve. This skill builds your relations and builds trust and sometimes that is all that is needed to consistently achieve your goals.

Here are techniques to improve...

The goal is to foster two-way communication...

As a leader, hopefully you can see how powerful this is for your ability to influence the outcome.

Guiding Principles + Dynamic Listening = Effective Listening


Improving Listening Skills for Leaders and Call Center Representatives

When You Think Of a Strong Leader, What Comes To Mind?

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review, this was said….(which I find to be profound!)

“Let’s face it: strong leaders tend to be characterized by their strong opinions, decisive action, and take-no-prisoners attitude. These are important traits, but it’s equally important for managers to stand down and listen up.

Yet many leaders struggle to do this, in part because they’ve become more accustomed to speaking than listening.

So, how can you develop this muscle?”

Harvard Business Review

Listening Skills Training Module Provides The Following

Developing your listening skills can be easily achieved, with the right tools of course.

... and our listening skills module follows a proven 3-step process.

Step One:  Self-Assessment (Establishing Your Baseline)?

Can Be Used For...

  • To Identify Your Strengths
  • Identify Your Weaknesses
  • Establish Your Starting Point

Step Two:  Understanding Poor Listening Habits

Step two, Understanding poor listening habits, helps you identify the characteristics of those habits that hinder your ability to utilize the benefits derived from effective listening.  Being able to identifying these habits is critical for improvement.

The listening Skills Module covers the importance of developing Listening Habits...?

Step Three:  What Are Good Listening Habits?

The module includes good listening skills, characteristics of effective listening and tips to follow for effective listening

Why Is the Listening Skills Module So Effective?

The effectiveness of this frontline leadership training tool is simply that it has 3 extremely valuable processes it follows:

  • Proven Formula: The Listening Skills Module formula is considered a best practice approach
  • Interactive: This course is designed to be interactive to help facilitate self-discovery, which has been proven to facilitate understanding and comprehension.
  • Participant and Facilitator Guides: Listening Skills comes with both a participant and facilitator guide, which helps guide both the leader and the participant
Positive Leadership Participant Guide
Positive Leadership Facilitator Guide

Take Action Today and Start Improving Results...

What is so powerful of the Listening Skills module is that it can be used to improve performance with your frontline leaders as well as improve your teams that take customer calls.  This module helps improve the customer experience and all cascading results from this improvement.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Cate PatricioSupervisor - BPO

I was recently promoted and was having a difficult time making this transition. Performance was suffering and I was very stressed. I actually purchased several of the leadership modules for myself, I am finding the listening skills module not only helped my performance, but has also helped my teams. I highly recommend it.

I will be honest, I was skeptical. My director of training brought these modules to my attention and although they looked good, I decided to not take action. However, we have had a hard time bringing new Team Leads up to speed, so I decided to test out the 60-day guarantee. Once we started running our leadership team through this module, we saw an immediate lift to performance.

Patrick ShaeVP Operations
Fran Harding Training & Development

Our operations teams were looking for something that would help newly hired team leads understand their role as well as make the transition successfully. This training is excellent and our performance has improved 10X since instituting this program.

The Positive Leadership and the Role of a Supervisor modules are awesome, so we jumped into the Listening Skils Module with immediate positive results! These modules are high quality and cover all aspects that are important when providing my frontline teams with the tools to create predictable performance. My Supervisors are growing and improving everyday and I contribute that to these modules.

Aubie Pouncer Call Center Director

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

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The Listening Skills Module is a great tool to help you drive performance. It is an excellent resource to help identify what's important and how to achieve it. We train our client teams using this tool and we have many case studies that has reinforced why this training is so beneficial for you. It is proven! But we also understand that you may have some trepidation, and so we are offering a 60-Day Money-Back guarantee. This gives you enough time to get the materials in your hands and test it out. And if you decide that this is not for you then simply request a refund. It is that simple!

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