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Call Center SuccessI hope you had an opportunity to look around and get a feel for all of the great call center content.  Our aim is to support your goals.

Use these trusted Call Center Best Practices to improve all aspects of your call center and develop all levels of your leadership team.

Have you had a chance to look at the following areas?

  • SMART Goals – here we explain and provide a PDF download for you to understand the simple steps to this powerful goal setting solution.  In addition, we have made it even more simple for you by providing an online form so you can easily add the goals for your reps and print a copy for each of you.  Don’t let this simple process fool you.  It is powerful.
  • Call Center Pricing Models – This area is very beneficial for those that need to run quick calculations on different inbound and outbound pricing options.
    • Inbound Pricing Model – Helps determines, Per Call calculations, Per minute calculations, Per Sale Calculations, and Staffed Hour Calculations.
    • Outbound Pricing Model – Per sale, Pay for performance, Per Call and Staffed Hour
    • COG (Cost Of Goods) – This is an awesome tool to calculate what you hourly cost will be.  Using this allows you to understand your profitability.

The are just a few additional helpful resources offered to our members.

Make sure you try out the site by taking a 7 Day Test Drive.

If you are interested in having all of your supervisors use this site then please contact me through our contact form and based on the number of supervisors you have, I am sure we can come up with a solution that works for you.

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As a Sr. Consultant for Performance Connections, Inc., Greg's primary objective is to provide value to organizations that are focused on raising brand awareness. Additionally Greg works on improving the customer experience, through business process re-engineering, and call center best practices. Greg is an industry expert and is often called upon to provide his analysis and solution oriented approach to improving performance in the BPO and Call Center industry.


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