No Choice But To Develop My Call Center Leaders

Call Center Leadership Development

Enjoy this true Call Center story…

Have you ever heard of a High-Class problem?  I actually love problems like these, because it means you’re doing something right.  🙂

In fact, my former boss and I would look at our completely full parking lot and call that a high-class problem.  Meaning we had a parking problem, and that meant our center was full of employees taking and making calls.

But I digress…

So here’s the situation:

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To Your Success,

Greg Meares



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About the Author: Greg Meares

As a Sr. Consultant for Performance Connections, Inc., Greg's primary objective is to provide value to organizations that are focused on raising brand awareness. Additionally Greg works on improving the customer experience, through business process re-engineering, and call center best practices. Greg is an industry expert and is often called upon to provide his analysis and solution oriented approach to improving performance in the BPO and Call Center industry.

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