Philippine’s Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed

Philippines Leadership in Call Centers

Yes, you read that title correctly... "Philippines Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed!"

However, before you jump to conclusions about what I mean, let me first provide you with some background.  

It's not what you think! 

Honestly I was a bit shocked at what I learned on my recent trip to the Philippines.

Make sure you read this entire story... and I even have a video with a solution, that addresses the leadership problem I discovered below.

Travel To The Philippines

I just finished a project in mid-December.

It was a consulting gig helping a Dental practice prepare for growth.  They wanted to grow from a handful of offices to over 200.  I was there to help prepare their contact center for this growth.

My focus was to look at staffing requirements, workflows and the technology required to meet this objective.  Doing this while putting a strong Customer Experience processes in place.

However as that project was coming to an end, I committed to go over to the Philippines and help a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) contact center / call center increase their sales on a daily basis.

This was an eye-opener for me.

The company was American owed and operated.  And a learned an interesting lesson about leadership and about Philippines Call Center Leadership specifically.

Authentic Positive Leadership

You would think that the Expats would have a strong understanding of the concept of using positive leadership to deliver results.

Ah, no!

What I observed is that the Team Leads (for the most part) exhibited the positive leadership tactics and the Expats did not.

The Operations Managers were mostly from the United States, so was the Director and the CEO of the company.  Almost all of them had trouble understanding the specific positive leadership traits that worked. 

Sidenote:  There were a couple of Ops Managers that understood these concepts and did practice them.  But still most did not.

However, as I mentioned the TLs understood how powerful using positive leadership could be. And as expected, the call center agents responded well to these tactics.

Hopefully you're asking what did they do well that the Expats failed at doing?

Positive Leadership Success Traits Used By The Frontline Philippine's Leadership Team

Being successful is not rocket science.

But for some reason a segment in charge fail to understand what really works.

Here's what I observed that the Philippine Leadership did well.

”Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them."  - John C. Maxwell  #leadership #callcenter #philippines

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  • Employee Engagement - Below I have a video that I want you to watch.  I share some amazing results that have been achieved by engaging your employees.  This is powerful and you CANNOT achieve these results with negativity.  So how was engagement improved?   Simple answer is that these TL developed strong relationships with their employees.  You see this in the Philippines but for some reason Expats keep their distance.
  • Create High Achieving Teams - How?  By offering positive support.  Which includes supporting each member of their team.  Maintaining focus on the objective and identifying the members of their team that need assistance.
  • One Person Can Make a Difference - The TL in the Philippines embraced this concept and were always looking for positive ways to have a positive impact.  This was so refreshing.  And I admire their ability to always look for opportunities to make things better on the call center floor.

I identified several areas of success (and failure) in the video below about Positive Leadership.  I urge you to watch it.  Very short but very telling.

How To Use Positive Leadership Tactics in Your Call Center

I hope you enjoyed this post and video.

If you did, please like and share.  I think others need to see this.  Especially the Expats out there that aren't doing what the Philippines Leadership is doing.  Bravo!

To your success!

Greg Meares

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