Recruit and Retain the Best Emotionally Mature Agents For Your Call Center

Call Center Recruiting

Do you have a recruiting process to acquire call center talent? As you know, there is not-so-subtle pressure to recruit the best available agent talent. Identifying candidates who can demonstrate the appropriate thinking and communication skills matched with suitable personality and customer service experience make the task even tougher. You must be able to recruit agents who have a reasonable understanding and presentation of professionalism, motivation, discipline and structure. So, culling through the thousands of resumes to find a ‘diamond in the rough’ can be like searching for a ‘needle in a haystack’! LOL

It’s not a laughing matter, is it? Seriously, having a plan as to acquiring the best call center agents is priority-one. It is perhaps the trickiest part of a supervisor’s job. The trick to firing well is hiring better.

What does that mean?

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