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The Role of a Supervisor Is Specifically Designed To Help Your Frontline Leaders Achieve Amazing Results By Understanding 3 Key Objectives...

If you want to create consistent performance, then you need to start with your frontline leadership team. "The Role of a Supervisor" provides a clear path for new leaders, as well as, a great development module to help your current leaders learn, understand and to take action on improving performance. Learn More below!

The Current Sad Truth Plaguing Our Call Centers...

75 %
Bad Bosses

3 of 4 employees report their boss is the worst and most stressful part of their job!

65 %
Prefer New Boss over Pay Raise

65% of employees say they'd take a new boss over a pay increase!

50 %

50% of employees who don't feel valued by their bosses plan to look for another job in the next year!

What's The Result?

The effects of poor frontline leadership are substantial and drive these dismal results. You may be dealing with many of these in your call center!

  • Poor Productivity
  • Increased Cost
  • Out of Control Attrition
  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Lost Revenue
  • and Stress for Everyone!

What Does It Mean To Have Strong Frontline Leaders?

Conversely, the positive effects when having your frontline leadership understanding their role and doing the right things is profound...

Productivity Increase

66% Productivity Boost - Working under a good supervisor produces 2/3 more productivity for their teams.

Attrition Reduction

Attrition Reduction By 50% - Firms that have good leadership and train their supervisors experienced a 50% reduction in attrition.

Improved Customer Service

Customer Service - Companies that have strong supervisors experienced an improvement in customer service by 47% to other firms that do not.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty - Companies that have strong leadership experienced an increase in customer loyalty by 38% compared to companies that do not.

The Role of a Supervisor is Designed To Improve Performance In Your Call Center...

You Will Have Access to Participant and Facilitator Guide To Help Your Frontline Leaders Be Successful Quickly!

The Role of a Supervisor is Designed to Achieve Results

So the question to ask is, "How Do We Fix This?"

The solution is rather simple if you have the tools.  Focus on the following critical skills development:

  • Best Practice Supervisor Traits
  • Self-Discovery
  • Cause and Effect

The "Role of a Supervisor" Meets These Needs and Then Takes It To The Next Level...

Check out what's covered and then ask yourself, "will this help me and my team?"

Introduction to the "Role of a Supervisor"

Expectations for Supervisors

Supervisor Qualities

Your Qualities

Leadership Behaviors Questionnaire

The Work of a Supervisor

Supervisor Time

Behaviors of "Exceptional" and "Average" Supervisors

Performing Supervisor Duties

The Proof is in the results!

96 %
Success Rate

Overall Performance Improve By a Whopping 96% for those trained

65 %
Drop In Attrition

We experience a 65% drop in unwanted employee attrition

40 %
Improved Attendance

And those supervisors that have been trained are reporting a 40% in absenteeism

Why is The Role of a Supervisor so Effective?

The effectiveness of this frontline leadership training tool is simply that it has 3 extremely valuable processes it follows:

  • Proven Formula: The Role of a Supervisor formula is considered a best practice approach
  • Interactive: This course is designed to be interactive to help facilitate self-discovery, which has been proven to facilitate understanding and comprehension.
  • Participant and Facilitator Guides: The Role of a Supervisor comes with both a participant and facilitator guide, which helps guide both the leader and the participant
Role of a Supervisor Participant Guide
Role of a Supervisor Participant Guide
Role of a Supervisor Participant Guide
Role of a Supervisor Facilitator Guide
Role of a Supervisor Facilitator Guide
Role of a Supervisor Facilitator Guide

The value of this module is that it helps you and your team achieve consistent and dependable call center performance.  Additionally, we designed this from years discovering what had worked in other top performing centers.  This is a "Best Practice" approach and provides the frontline leadership development that is severely needed.  Moreover, you will find this module very flexible in terms of training, which means you can run a formalized program or train it in your staff meeting.  The choice is all yours!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Aubie PouncerCall Center Derector

The Role of a Supervisor is awesome!  These modules are high quality and cover all aspects that are important when providing my frontline teams with the tools to create predictable performance.  My Supervisors are growing and improving everyday and I contribute that to these modules.

Our operations teams were looking for something that would help newly hired team leads understand their role as well as make the transition successfully.  This training is excellent and our performance has improved 10X since instituting this program.

Fran HardingTraining & Development
Cate PatricioSupervisor -  BPO

I was recently promoted and was having a difficult time making this transition.  Performance was suffering and I was very stressed.  I actually purchased the Role of a Supervisor for myself, however, now we run all of the frontline leaders through this program now.  I highly recommend it.

I will be honest, I was skeptical.   My director of training brought these modules to my attention and although they looked good, I decided to not take action.  However, we have had a hard time bringing new Team Leads up to speed, so I decided to test out the 60-day guarantee.  Once we started running our leadership team through this module, we saw an immediate lift to performance.

Patrick ShaeVP Operations

Fast-Start Bonus for Taking Action Today!

Our goal is to get you up and running quickly.  You want to have confidence that you are going to get the same results.  Right?  That is why we are holding a Fast-Start Webinar that will cover all of your questions as well as provide you with additional implementation tactics you can use to deliver "Best-In-Class" performance.

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up Today: role of a supervisor

You’re invited to a “roll-up our sleeves” meeting to jump-start “The Role of a Supervisor” in your organization.  Let’s Collaborate:

  • Strategies for Effectively Presenting the modules
  • Assessing Positive Results – how to determine the level of success you are achieving.
  • Questions and Answers – look through the material and bring any questions you have and we will answer them.  Also, you will get to listen in on other questions and ideas.  Best Practice sharing!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We want to make sure you feel 100% comfortable with "The Role of the Supervisor", that is why we are offering you a 100% money-back guarantee!  No questions asked...


The Role of a Supervisor is a great tool to help you drive performance.  It is an excellent resource to help identify what's important and how to achieve it.  We train our client teams using this tool and we have many case studies that has reinforced why this training is so beneficial for you.  It is proven!  But we also understand that you may have some trepidation, and so we are offering a 60-Day Money-Back guarantee.  This gives you enough time to get the materials in your hands and test it out.  And if you decide that this is not for you then simply request a refund.  It is that simple!

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