Seven Wonder Ways to Supercharge Your Call Center

stockxpertcom_id40221131_jpg_0231d14496b3544b17085449b36b4bcdThe lethargic is out and passionate is in. After the meltdown of last year, this seems to be the magic mantra to improve the efficiency and productivity of call centers. Here, let’s identify and discuss those super-seven ways to kick up the performance levels and efficiency of call centers’ employees.

The Right Contact
Why do your customers call live help? The answer is simple- when your IVR is not able to respond to the query satisfactorily. Identifying the reasons behind the calls can reduce the handling of time significantly. Consumer database, IVR recording, call coding or tick sheets are some wonderful techniques that can help you to eliminate the wastage of time. By doing this, you can also highlight what is expected from your organization in terms of call center services.


Corroborating Documents & Other Procedures
Do a self analysis. Ask your employees to open their hearts to tell what they feel about the company and what changes they would like to make in operational procedures. This would help in revealing the inconsistency in organization and improve the output of employees.

Logic Skills
‘Match the words.’ It might look like child’s play but could drastically improve the output and reduce the consumption of time per service. Pair up the work or skills which are symmetrical or relevant to each other in terms of knowledge retention and customer services. Administration should take care not to burden employees too much and customer experience should not be affected adversely in this process.

Selecting – the- Best
Your workforce is your asset. Start picking the gems right from the beginning for your call center. Quick learners or experienced people take little time to learn and have higher understanding of commitment, a job requires.

Value Recruitment
Do quality checks throughout while selecting agents. Be it voice or non-voice services, rigorous procedures should be opted.

Push the Envelope with Schedule Adherence
After doing all the labor, you find everything botched up at eleventh hour because schedule arrangement was not in accordance to clients and needs. To provide a convenient workspace while maintaining work flow in order, try to adopt flexibility in working hours.

Self Management
Let’s face it. There’s no use of monitoring them 24/ 7 or using a strict reporting system unless your employees have the dedication toward their work and company in their guts. That flows in the culture. Keep them happy and you will wallow in results.

These groundbreaking techniques won’t only help you to reduce your in-house cost but will also save your investment from going down the drain. These ways are fast, effective and won’t cost you dime but sure methods to bring the desired results and efficacy at your work-place.

Morris Jane is associated with Vcare Call Center and working as a Sr. Marketing Manager. Vcare is a leading business outsourcing company offering high-quality, cost-effective call center services, technical help desk, back office support and software development services to all sized businesses across the Globe.


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