Why the Philippines is the BPO of Choice

Did you know that, according to the LA Times, over 1 million Filipinos in the Philippines work in call centers and various BPO’s (business process outsourcing) today? And, most of them support... Read more »
Call Center Outsourcing

Is Call Center Outsourcing Beneficial To Your Bottom-line?

Call center directors in call centers everywhere explore paths of success regularly.  When considering the benefits of call center outsourcing,  determining if it is expedient to outsource call center services is based... Read more »
Kuala Lumpur

From Malaysia To The Philippines – My Update and Status

Over the past several months I’ve been somewhat underground… Perhaps, one could say that I’ve been absent, and that description may be true, but it wasn’t because I walked away from Call... Read more »

Do You Agree With Offshore Call Center Outsourcing?

Offshore Call Center Outsourcing is a big topic as of late. Maybe because the issue has come up in the 2012 US Presidential Election.  Basically, the United States is in need of... Read more »

Offshore Outsourcing and Its Many Benefits

A good and successful company will always reach out for partnerships or services to rake in more profits. If you understand and agree to this motive, then you most probably already thought... Read more »

Common Questions About IT Outsourcing

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Can HR Outsourcing Benefit an Organization?

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HR Management Consulting

By Steve Grant Management consulting is the broad term which encompasses all the activities associated with industrial management. Accounting to the escalating pressure on the industries to demarcate between the demands of... Read more »

Virtual Receptionist – Why You Need One Now and How it Can Help You in Business

By Rob Porter Realize it, in many ways it’s a virtual world. Things are not always as they appear to be. Whether you’re a one-man or one-woman company, have a small consultancy... Read more »

Business Process Outsourcing – What’s IN, What’s OUT?

By Py Cobb With time, every business domain undergoes periodic churns, propelled mostly by changing market dynamics, competition, innovation and technological advancements. In this context, business process outsourcing is certainly not an... Read more »