Philippines Leadership in Call Centers

Philippine’s Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed

Yes, you read that title correctly... "Philippines Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed!" However, before you jump to conclusions about what I mean, let me first provide you with some background.   It's not what you... Read more »

Exactly Who Are The Millennials and what do they Mean For Your Call Center?

A generation of customers whose time has come is the Millennials. They are the largest generation in the United States today. They make up between 75-80 million people. They range from age... Read more »

What Does Ashley Madison Have In Common With Call Center Routing?

Algorithms.Yes, algorithms have become intuitive enough to be effective at introducing people to each other via a dating website like Ashley Madison or 20% of Millennials (18-34 year olds) use a... Read more »

3 Steps To Overcoming Mistakes In Your Call Center

Every agent and manager would do well to manage all of their relationships, especially their customer relationships, to the highest standards. To develop and maintain a center culture of professional etiquette requires... Read more »
Call Center Telecommuting

7 Advantages for Telecommuting into Your Call Center

Telecommuting is an offsite, operations program for call centers around the world. Millions of agents are working from home today. Yet, while it may be advantageous for you to consider. It may... Read more »

Should Agent Adherence Be Your #1 Concern?

Flat agent adherence is a problem that plagues many call center supervisors. In a 2010 ICMI Workforce Management Practices study, 45.7% stated that agent adherence is their #1 concern.Simply put, if you... Read more »
Call Center Recruiting

Recruit and Retain the Best Emotionally Mature Agents For Your Call Center

Do you have a recruiting process to acquire call center talent? As you know, there is not-so-subtle pressure to recruit the best available agent talent. Identifying candidates who can demonstrate the appropriate thinking and... Read more »
Mom's Call Center

It Ain’t Your Mama’s Call Center

Your Mama’s call center ain’t what it used to be, is it? Answering the phone in today’s call center is simply not enough.  With the ability to connect with customers through a... Read more »
Call Center Supervisor

How to Earn a Promotion in Your Call Center

From time to time employees approach you asking for a promotion in your call center.  How do you respond?  What do you tell them?  Your response can be instrumental in the kind... Read more »
Call Center Leadership Communication

How to Respond to Your Customers Through Your Call Center Agents

The performance of your agents in your call center is where customer loyalty is won and lost. It is always about keeping a customer through selling a belief that the customer is... Read more »