Philippines Leadership in Call Centers

Philippine’s Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed

Yes, you read that title correctly... "Philippines Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed!" However, before you jump to conclusions about what I mean, let me first provide you with some background.   It's not what you... Read more »
Motivated Call Center

5 Steps to Developing a Highly Motivated Call Center

Motivating your call center agents and managers to carry out their respective duties requires innovative thinking and creativity. It is more than a job; it’s an adventure, right? It sure is, in... Read more »
Customer Service

Empowering Agents to Personalize the Customer Service Experience

Overseeing Call Center agents and managers working well in synchronicity with programs, systems and customers is, quite frankly, the job supervisors do daily. Some days, it seems more like a dream than... Read more »
Call Center Customer Service

7 Habits of Highly Successful Agents In Your Call Center

In this article, the habits that make up a successful call center agent are reviewed.  From my experience, having these habits helps determine the success of your call center.  Additionally, you can... Read more »
Call Center Pillars

Execution is the issue 9 out of 10 times In Your Call Center

Recently I have been on assignment as a Sr. Consultant trying to assist a Call Center with making some very important transformational changes. This is good, I love this work. The challenge... Read more »

Using SMART Goals For Your Call Center Agents Is…Well smart!

If you want to develop an effective call center team you need to look at using SMART goals. This is what my team uses and it works incredibly well and it is... Read more »

A Primer on Call Centers and How It Helps Improve Service

Call centers are a very effective service that assist businesses resolve product or service issues with the customer. Read more »

4 Qualities a Customer Service Professional Should Have

Customer service is a skill which requires both thorough training and progressive experience. These skills are so important in IT they're literally built in to benchmark best practice IT Service Management (ITSM)... Read more »

Personality Mapping: Its Role in Call Center Evolvement

What is Personality Mapping in call centers? It is the ability through which the Agent's and Customer's pairings are enhanced to build a good rapport with a call center. Excellent results can... Read more »

Companies Use Home Call Center Agents To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Technology has eliminated the barriers associated with geographic location. Agents operating from home offices work the same as traditional center-based agents. Read more »