Call Center Outsource Selection

Is This Call Center Managed the Way I Would Manage it?

With thousands of call centers available for outsourcing, finding the best call center for your brand can be adventurous, to put it mildly. Clearly, the best fit is one that extends your... Read more »

Why the Philippines is the BPO of Choice

Did you know that, according to the LA Times, over 1 million Filipinos in the Philippines work in call centers and various BPO’s (business process outsourcing) today? And, most of them support... Read more »
Call Center Vendor Management

Outsourcing Call Volume: What You Need to Know About Your Vendor

Locating and choosing the proper vendor for your call center demands knowledge.  You need to know what you need from your vendor and you need to know what your ideal vendor can... Read more »
Kuala Lumpur

From Malaysia To The Philippines – My Update and Status

Over the past several months I’ve been somewhat underground… Perhaps, one could say that I’ve been absent, and that description may be true, but it wasn’t because I walked away from Call... Read more »

Do You Agree With Offshore Call Center Outsourcing?

Offshore Call Center Outsourcing is a big topic as of late. Maybe because the issue has come up in the 2012 US Presidential Election.  Basically, the United States is in need of... Read more »

The Five Fundamentals of a Successful FCR Program

Most companies start FCR programs to cut costs. With the average cost per call at around five dollars, each call avoided is five dollars saved .. Read more »

Answering Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Services: Frequently Asked Questions By Cedric P Loiselle Companies are expected to provide support to their customers and even to potential customers. At any given point, people may ask about instructions... Read more »

Call Center Outsourcing – Explaining the Optimistic Side

Call center outsourcing is a very common phenomenon that is gaining an acclamation for initiating the importance of these customer service units into the mainstream business. Read more »

The Power Behind Call Center Outsourcing

The need for call center outsourcing is no longer a secondary option for various business industries. Small business owners and big corporations are now maximizing the advantages and power behind outsourcing. Call... Read more »

How Technology Is Changing The Call Center

The traditional call center is rapidly approaching extinction. A new generation of call center software and communications technology is sparking rapid change in the industry and creating a new model that is... Read more »