Employee Engagement

Make a Change for Employee Engagement: Here’s How!

How's Your Employee Engagement? All top performing call centers have a high level of employee engagement. The following article provides a game plan for improving your call center performance by way of... Read more »

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

Inbound calls are when customers call in, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) most likely will take the call and will prompt them for information, the call in turn is routed to... Read more »

A Detailed Outline to Understand Call Center Outsourcing

One of the two ways they can survive is either to spend hefty amounts to continuously upgrade themselves or to Outsource Call Center Services. Read more »

Uplifting Call Center Operations Through Performance Management

Performance management is the driving force behind any successful call center operations. A performance management program strongly stresses on proper and accurate communication of the objectives of call center outsourcing between employees... Read more »

Value of Assessment Tools in Call Center Operations

The quality and pace of Call center operations are dominated and threatened by two visible hindrances which are agent turnover and agent productivity. The reasons for such challenges in a call center... Read more »

How to Develop Leadership Qualities in the Workplace

Workers and rank and file employees in the workplace may seem perplexed on how to develop leadership qualities. Read more »