Role of a Supervisor Webinar

Is the performance in your call center a daily and monthly challenge?Would you like a solutions?  On this webinar we review the 3 critical characteristics that all call center supervisors need to possess to be successful to drive your performance  consistently. If you want to take your team or call center to the next level then you will want to reserve your seat for this value packed webinar!

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Positive Leadership and the Influence It Has On All Of Us

Positive leadership is not reserved or acquired only by persons with important titles.Think about experiences in your own life that motivated you to challenge your own goals. Reflect on events that inspired you to view your world in a more positive way. If we recall examples from life’s experiences, we will see references to supervisors, […]

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Call Center Best Practice – Managing To The Call Center Model

What is the Call Center Model, you might ask?It has been argued that there are three components that need to be integrated well to establish what is considered a well running call center.  Some might even say that the effective use of integrating  “people, process and technology ” is an art form in itself and […]

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Knowing Predictive Analytics Well Can Improve Your Call Center’s Performance

predictive analytics

In the call center business, scorecards measure the profitability (or not) of the business is its present existence. This measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) represents the kind of reporting necessary to monitors the business’s viability. Without a KPI scorecard, you’re like a kid in a candy store….…Blissfully meandering around the store, working hard to […]

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Exactly Who Are The Millennials and what do they Mean For Your Call Center?

A generation of customers whose time has come is the Millennials. They are the largest generation in the United States today. They make up between 75-80 million people. They range from age 15-35. As the youngest age into adulthood, their purchasing power is exploding. And, just when you thought the Baby Boomers were the only […]

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5 Steps to Developing a Highly Motivated Call Center

Motivated Call Center

Motivating your call center agents and managers to carry out their respective duties requires innovative thinking and creativity. It is more than a job; it’s an adventure, right? It sure is, in the call center business. LolSeriously, motivating call center staffs to work from their hearts is the challenge that every supervisor ought to strive […]

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What Does Ashley Madison Have In Common With Call Center Routing?

Algorithms.Yes, algorithms have become intuitive enough to be effective at introducing people to each other via a dating website like Ashley Madison or 20% of Millennials (18-34 year olds) use a dating site. So, as algorithms continue to evolve, it is believed that more Millennials will gravitate to intuitive-based technology.Why?Because using sophisticated, software analytics […]

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7 Tips For an Effective IVR Experience

Call Center IVR System

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has been a game-changer in the handling of customer calls. It carries the weight of responsibility in regards to fulfilling a best practices approach to customer service.Let’s face it: if you blow it here, you’ve really done yourself in.Why?The heart of the call center business is customer service. Serving others.The idea […]

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What Does It Take to Be Considered the Greatest Call Center Supervisor?

You are a great call center supervisor.Is this assertion correct? Of course.How do you know you are a great call center supervisor?Your customers, your partners, your agents and managers tell you so, right?No, they don’t! (I hope they do but they don’t. Okay, kinda. ha)Well, it’s the truth, isn’t it?You might think so, if you’re […]

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How Do We Define FCR (First Call Resolution)?

First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution,First Contact Resolution, orFirst Conversation Resolution?Yes. Lol.A traditional FCR would be a direct-dial or IVR call by a customer to a call center agent. Ideally, the customer would state the problem to the agent and the agent would provide information to the customer that would solve the problem and/or satisfy the customer’s need […]

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Customer Complaints Are the Gifts That Keep on Giving To Your Call Center

Call Center Customer Feedback

Customer complaints come into your call center every day, don’t they?It’s like Christmas day, every day, when you have the pleasure of receiving all of the incredible gifts of complaints from your customers, right? No?Actually, you ought to be grateful.Yes, seriously.Outstanding and awesome gifts of customer complaints are the gifts that keep on giving. Don’t […]

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