Role of a Supervisor Webinar

Is the performance in your call center a daily and monthly challenge?Would you like a solutions?  On this webinar we review the 3 critical characteristics that all call center supervisors need to possess to be successful to drive your performance  consistently. If you want to take your team or call center to the next level then you will want to reserve your seat for this value packed webinar!

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7 Advantages for Telecommuting into Your Call Center

Call Center Telecommuting

Telecommuting is an offsite, operations program for call centers around the world. Millions of agents are working from home today. Yet, while it may be advantageous for you to consider. It may not be right for you, your call center environment, or your managers and agents. So, what are the advantages to telecommuting?According to the […]

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Call Center Training: The Principles Behind It

As much as the establishment of call centers and the number of call center agents increase, the need for call center trainings for better customer service and for better image of the company is the primary concern of most of the call centers elsewhere.

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Calculating The ROI Of CSR

Managers focus on expense reports and profit projections because numbers are easy. Figures are concrete concepts, simple to grasp and understand. It can be as straightforward as plugging a few statistics into a spreadsheet, or as complex as having an accounting team conduct a review that takes months.

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