Difficult Customers

Difficult Customers and How to Handle Them

Angry customers, for the most part, feel that they have been wronged, taken advantage of or made to feel foolish and therefore are very upset and emotional about the situation. Read more »
Customer Service

Empowering Agents to Personalize the Customer Service Experience

Overseeing Call Center agents and managers working well in synchronicity with programs, systems and customers is, quite frankly, the job supervisors do daily. Some days, it seems more like a dream than... Read more »
Call Center Leadership Communication

How to Respond to Your Customers Through Your Call Center Agents

The performance of your agents in your call center is where customer loyalty is won and lost. It is always about keeping a customer through selling a belief that the customer is... Read more »
Customer Service

Providing a Helpful, Customer Service Experience In Your Call Center

Enjoying a helpful, customer service experience is our goal, both as call center, customer service providers and as customers ourselves.  As customers, we have customer service needs from time to time.  Various... Read more »
Customer Service

Taking Care Of Customers

Let’s face it… all successful contact centers and call centers know how to take care of their customers. It doesn’t matter if your center is focused on profits or pure customer service,... Read more »

Why Should You Outsource IT Services – Is It Wiser To Go Outsourced?

More and more companies are using, or considering to use, outsourced IT services. The reasons involve cost and expertise. Read more »

Get the Basics of Customer Service Right First

As a customer service consultant I think that I am sometimes as guilty as anyone of over-analysing customer service, looking for something really complex that drives the ideal customer experience. Read more »

Use of Sir and Ma’am Around the Globe

Today, I can tell you that there are many people that I personally know that do not appreciate being referred to as sir or a ma'am, mainly because they think it... Read more »

Customer Service Training

The importance of customer service certainly cannot be underestimated, particularly in modern times. Read more »

Proper Email Etiquette for a Customer Service Department

Customers are making more use of email to contact a customer service department as this medium is quick, easy and it avoids annoying phone procedures. Read more »