Customer Service Training

The importance of customer service certainly cannot be underestimated, particularly in modern times. Read more »

How To Improve Customer Service With Cultural Sensitivity Training

Give all of your customers world class service by implementing cultural sensitivity training. Your customers deserve the best customer service on the planet. Read more »

In Your Business, People Are NOT Your Most Important Asset

Success in your business is all about interpersonal skills. Read more »

4 Qualities a Customer Service Professional Should Have

Customer service is a skill which requires both thorough training and progressive experience. These skills are so important in IT they're literally built in to benchmark best practice IT Service Management (ITSM)... Read more »

The Manager’s Role in Building a Customer Service Culture

Once you have hired the employees, establish both qualitative and quantitative performance standards and means of measurement to ensure that the desired customer service skills are used during customer contacts. Read more »

Top 4 Customer Service Skills For the Workplace

Having top notch customer service skills is the hallmark of a successful organization. Here are some of my favorite methods for improving customer service skills in your business or workplace. Read more »

Want Top Customer Service? Relearn the ‘basics’

From small beginnings come great things, as they say. Businesses striving hard to acquire and retain customers should be familiar with the customer service basics Read more »

Training and ROI (Return On Investment)

Statistics consistently reinforce that the biggest challenge in today’s contact center environment is agent training. Read more »

Customer Service Skills – The 5 Key Characters

Over time the can not do attitude will leave you and your customer tiresome and miserable with neither of you being satisfied. Read more »

Process Improvement Example

Process Improvement The example below discusses a Recruiting Process Improvement plan for Call Center X. After following through with these practices the hiring processes was streamlined and organized, and attrition reduced by... Read more »