First Call Resolution

How Do We Define FCR (First Call Resolution)?

First Call Resolution,First Contact Resolution, orFirst Conversation Resolution?Yes. Lol.A traditional FCR would be a direct-dial or IVR call by a customer to a call center agent. Ideally, the customer would state the... Read more »
Call Center Assessment

Assess – 5 Easy Ways to Improve Agent Performance In Your Call Center (Post 2 of 6)

Call centers rely on the collection of data to function. The data sources can include: ACD, CRM, IVR, QM, WFM, manuals, and/or spreadsheets. Call center management relies on the accuracy of that... Read more »

First Call Resolution – The Most Important Metric

First Call Resolution (FCR) is the most important metric in a call center. As a consequence of improving FCR, your call center will improve Read more »

First Call Resolution and Call Center Improvement

Improving first call resolution has been shown to improve other traditional contact center metrics such as customer satisfaction Read more »

First Call Resolution Defined

First call resolution is a pretty self-explanatory term, but it is often misinterpreted. As a result of the incorrect interpretation you will end up with poor first call resolution results. Read more »