Call Center IVR System

7 Tips For an Effective IVR Experience

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has been a game-changer in the handling of customer calls. It carries the weight of responsibility in regards to fulfilling a best practices approach to customer service.Let’s face... Read more »
Call Center Inspection

Call Center Best Practice #1 Inspect What You Expect

As call center best practices go, this one could be argued if it is actually number one. I say yes, for many reason. But in any event, if you add... Read more »
Customer Service

Providing a Helpful, Customer Service Experience In Your Call Center

Enjoying a helpful, customer service experience is our goal, both as call center, customer service providers and as customers ourselves.  As customers, we have customer service needs from time to time.  Various... Read more »
Phone Tree

Phone Tree – Do they work?

Is Your Phone Tree Killing Your Business? By Diana Liffick Your phone tree might seem as insignificant as post-it notes or staples, but it plays an important role in the performance and... Read more »